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News Archive

Please look for the most current news on our Home Page.

The news archive is divided into four sections: news about the Change in Government; news and research created by SICTA (and municipal documents); news from newspapers like the Press of Atlantic City, Cape May County Herald and the Ocean City Sentinel; and, Board of Education news (the BOE news archive is on a different page).

Archived Change In Government News
Unofficial election results!  Details.
Three public meetings were held (Jan., Feb., Mar.) to explain and discuss SIC's new form of government, and other important issues. 
Meeting 1:  Dr. Reock's handout     Picture
Meeting 2:  Handout       Picture
Meeting 3:  Presentation slideshow.
[You'll find pictures of the current site of the proposed Passive Park on the North End page.]
List of candidates for Mayor and Council (3/16/07 Press)
Election-related dates.  July 1, 2007, at noon: Commission Form of government is abolished, and Mayor-Council Form is established.  September 28, 2007: Deadline for creation of an Administrative Code.  For more details, see Dr. Reock's handout.
The voters spoke on November 7th and they want Sea Isle City to have a Mayor/Council Government.  Unofficial County figures show the vote as 767 to 659 in favor of a change.  The election had a heavy turnout with 1,511 ballots cast (69% of the registered voters).   

The Sea Isle City Board of Commissioners and the leadership of Sea Isle First were invited to our 10/14/06 General Meeting to discuss their opposing viewpoint regarding the Change of Government Referendum.  The Commissioners politely declined our invitation, but we did not hear from Sea Isle First.  See our invitations, the response from the Commissioners and a delivery confirmation to Sea Isle First.

The Petition Group responds to the City's move to hire a Business Administrator.  Read their press release

What are the pros & cons of the new form of government?    Read Frequently Asked Questions

What are the roles / responsibilities of the new government officials?     See Mayor/Council Chart

Why do we need this change?    View Municipal Improvement Areas

Do you want to understand the Commissioners' cost estimate?    Review $475,000 Estimate

Will you need an absentee ballot for a SIC registered voter?   See Absentee Ballot Information

For recent newspaper articles on the referendum, visit our Recent News section on the Home Page.

Archived Board of Education News:   Archived Board of Education news  [as of 10/4/10, all new BOE news is lumped in with the "regular" news.]
Archived SICTA News & Research, Municipal Documents

SIC Facilities discussions!  See the City's 12/10/12 E-Newsletter and 12/8/12 Powerpoint presentation (in .PDF format) for background.  A public workshop meeting was held on December 15, and the topic will also be discussed at the Council meeting on December 27. Tax implications!

City's summary of the outside alcohol ordinance workshop!  Council held a workshop on September 25 to discuss making the outside alcohol rules implemented in February permanent, as well as parking issues.  Their summary.

George Marinari, Jr., passed on July 25.  George's family, SIC, and SICTA's Board of Directors suffered a great loss.  RIP, George.  Obituary.  [Webmaster's note: my fondest memories of George include the times he made me laugh during a boring/contentious/boring-and-contentious meeting.  The only time he wasn't smiling is when he was slipping in a dry "one-liner" bit of humor.]

March 2012 SICTA Newsletter

Charting our Course!  A popular feature, but it was too time-consuming to maintain.  Archived Charting our Course page.

The North End Association is not active right now, but here's a link to their latest Web page.

Flood vents criminal summonses!  The hearings for property owners who received criminal summonses was held on Thursday, September 15.  The next SICTA newsletter is about to go to press and will have what we think is a very interesting summary of the current state of this ongoing saga.

The City held an informational meeting on Saturday, August 20).  We're still unclear re: all of the details of the City's push to upgrade the flood vents of some SIC homes.  What we (think we) know: 193 property owners received a criminal summons ($500 per day fine and/or 90 days in jail!!) because SIC adopted an ordinance that -- after the fact -- makes many flood vents illegal (even though they were legal when occupancy permits were granted).  Apparently, the City is trying to get lower flood insurance rates from FEMA -- but, the catch is that many SIC property owners will have to make expensive repairs first before FEMA will lower our collective rate. 

This Press of AC article briefly covers the issue from the City's point-of-view. 

Several residents who received a summons are getting together in-person and via e-mail to discuss flood vents and related issues like bonus rooms.  If you would like us to forward your name and e-mail address to them, send an e-mail to

FEMA’s flood vent rules
FEMA's bonus room rules
March 2007 Press of AC article detailing Avalon's push to reduce flood insurance rates

SICTA's October 2012 newsletter!  Newsletter.  

Joint meeting of the Sea Isle City Board of Education and Sea Isle City Council!  10/13/11 presentation.

City's ordinance to allow alcoholic beverages at Excursion Park!  Ordinance.

Sexual harassment lawsuit against the City was settled!  The settlement agreement is posted on our Lawsuits page.

SICTA summarizes May 2011 campaign contributions!  Details.

SICTA Press release!  Sea Isle City Taxpayers Association Delineates Purpose.

SICTA's March 2011 Newsletter!  Newsletter.

Lawsuits!  Visit our Lawsuits page to read our press releases and view details of settled and pending lawsuits against the City.

SICTA Research: 2009/2010/2011 water & sewer rate study!  12/4/10 SICTA Press Release: MUA Charges - Sea Isle Losing the Race?  [The preceding is for those of you who have been keeping up with w&s issues; if you need to get up-to-speed first, please visit our Water & Sewer page.]

Annual SIC salaries listing!  2010 list of top 50% highest SIC employee salaries.

SICTA press release: tax dollars paid for a study we don't understand!  Great news: a consultant study paid for by the State calculates that SIC can save $56 per household per month by sharing trash services with other local towns.  We love that!  Unfortunately, we calculate trash costs per household per month at $16.55.  Does this mean that other local towns will pay us to take our trash?  SICTA thinks that the consultant should respond to the City's and our requests for an explanation of their conclusions -- or they should refund the State the $71,637.95 cost of the study. Press release.  Report exhibit.


SICTA/Sea Isle Revitalization/SIC Chamber Of Commerce annual SIC survey!   2010 survey results and analysis.   [If you want to see results from prior years, visit the Charting Our Course page to see survey results from 2007 through 2009.]  

Retiree benefits lawsuit!  SICTA used the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) to obtain a copy of the lawsuit filed against the City on behalf of employees and retirees.  The June changes were hailed by the Mayor as resulting in major cost savings.  We wonder how much actual savings will be realized when the costs of the lawsuit are added to the 2% one-time raise, and the four years of a 2.9% annual bump.

SICTA Press Release: 1/24/11 (Herald) Sea Isle City Taxpayers Association—Year in Review

Ever wonder about NJ crime stats?  The ACLU published tips for using the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) to get crime info.   Here's the raw data they obtained from Newark Ocean City releases its crime stats to the Herald.

SICTA Press Release: 12/6/10 (Herald) SICTA Press Release: MUA Charges - Sea Isle Losing the Race?

SICTA Press Release: 11/29/10 (Herald) Sea Isle City Cost Allocations - Accounting Chicanery?

SICTA Press Release: 11/15/10 (Herald) Rental Permits Decrease 6 percent in Sea Isle City

Sea Isle City Municipal Budget Projection for 2011!  Here is the current draft.  Stay tuned for SICTA analysis!

SIC's response to the Governor's checklist!  SIC's response.  Related AC Press article.

SICTA Press Release: 10/28/10 (Herald) Sea Isle City’s Taxpayers Association: “How’s business this summer”?

SICTA Press Release: 10/16/10 (Herald) Taxpayer Group Releases Survey Findings

County Clerk's Powerpoint presentation!  County Clerk Rita Marie Fulginiti's slideshow from the SICTA October 9 General Public Metting.

SIC landfill news!  We agree with you: "Increasing State Dredging Capacity through the Beneficial Re-use of Dredged Material" is not an eye-catcher.  But, despite the document title, this consultant's report presented at the 9/14/10 Council mtg is interesting.  And, see this AC Press article, too.

2010 SIC budget!  The City's Budget Adoption Summary summarizes final budget and tax rate (+6.6%). and is consistent with our Charting Our Course research updated on 5/26.  For more on the budget, please see our 2010 Budget Research page.

Beach Replenishment 2010!  See the presentation made by George Savastano to Council on 4/14.  Read this Press of AC article, too. 

SIC current municipal projects summary!  The City presented a list of upcoming and in-progress projects to Council on 4/10/10.  Very interesting!   Part1   Part2   Part3

Proposed 2010 budget increase!  SICTA Alert 1/28/10

SIC owes 40 million+ dollars ($40,000,000+) for retiree health benefits! 
1. Alert (start here!).   2. More in-depth analysis.   3. Healthcare plan costs comparison.

SICTA Research: 2009 study of cost allocations between general and sewer funds!
9/12/09 General Mtg Allocation slideshow  [A few charts -- this is an accounting issue -- but plenty of analysis, too!]

Excursion Park design plans!  View the engineering firm's drawings presented at the 7/28 Council Mtg.  Note: for some reason, the drawings were scanned in upside down.  Use the "Rotate" option on the Adobe Reader's View Menu.

Late August/Early September SIC beach replenishment!  Officials from the NJDEP and the dredging company made an interesting presentation to Council at the 6/23 mtg.  Presentation.

5th street landfill remediation (possibly a passive park)!  See this interesting presentation from the 4/28 Council workshop.

SICTA's March 2010 newsletter!  This newsletter was mailed to all property owners -- only SICTA Members receive our other quarterly newsletters.

1/10/09 SICTA  Beach Conference presentations!  /span>
Stockton College ||  Ocean & Coastal Consulting, Inc.&  ||  EcoShore Int'l Inc.

SICTA Alert 1/6/09   (Beach improvement initiatives)

Interesting info presented to Council!  Various City departments made presentations to Council on 11/20 and 11/21.  Thank you to the City for making them available. 
Administration:  Admin. Code ||  Major initiatives ||  Org. chart || Mission & values || Vision
Police: Slideshow
Public works: Slideshow

SICTA's 2008 Sea Isle City survey!  Read what 709 respondents had to say about SIC, as well as a discussion about the results2008 survey.

SIC Property Assessments -- SICTA information sharing Are you interested in a better understanding of how your property assessment fits into the bigger picture?  Would you like some greater comfort that your tax basis is reasonable?  If so, visit our Property Assessments Report page!

Some miscellaneous documents from our '09 Water & Sewer study that we have removed from the Home page to "unclutter" it:
1.  SIC W&S flow volumes and billing cycles  -- presented to council on 5/26.
2.  MUA Treatment Cost Research -- presented to Council on 6/9.
3.  SIC W&S Account Activity - 12 Months Ending March 2009 -- presented to Council on 6/9.
4.  SIC W&S business account activity, 18 largest users, SICTA analysis -- presented to Council on 6/23.

5. E-mail sent to City Council on 2/8/09 re: the allocations of certain costs from the City’s Current Fund to its Water & Sewer Utility Operating Fund
6. Supporting data (please note that the amounts discussed in the e-mail have since been changed to reflect the City's subsequent comments)
7. Comparison of SIC v. Belmar, Avalon & Cape May City

January 2009 Newsletter

SICTA Alert 11/7/08 (SIC Beautification Comm.)

2009 SIC budget projection!  At a recent Council meeting, SIC Government shared a projection for the 2009 Budget. This is the first time that our City has shared information this early, and the Government is to be commended for its action. Keep in mind that the projection is based on the best information currently available, with many portions yet to be finalized (e.g. spending, state pension obligations, state aid, etc.). However, initial figures reveal a difficult situation for all of us. Projections point to an 8% tax increase, even though spending is increasing only 1%. Revenues are decreasing 17%, which is creating much of the pressure on taxes. City Government also has noted that we have low surplus levels that probably need additional bolstering.
2009 Budget Projection Overview.

Save SIC's beaches!  Beach replenishment is needed urgently.  Visit our Beach Replenishment Page to learn more and, hopefully, volunteer a few minutes to contact elected officials.

SICTA Alert 10/28/08) (various SIC events)

September 2008 SICTA Newsletter

SICTA Alert 10/6/08  (2009 SIC budget projection, SICTA survey)

SICTA Alert 9/12/08  (SIC Property Assessments)

SICTA Alert 9/10/08 (Survey, Beach Replenishment)

SICTA Alert 6/25/08 (SICTA survey)

March 2008 SICTA Newsletter 

SICTA Alert 2/4/08

SICTA's review of the SIC Mayor's proposed 2008 budget

SIC Mayor's proposed 2008 budget (as of 1/15/08)

The Open Public Records Act allows NJ taxpayers to obtain public records promptly and painlessly.  Or does it?
12/23/07 (Press) Open Public Records Act a step forward; next move is citizens' responsibility
12/27/07 (Press) N.J.'s public-records law / Raise hell

SICTA Alert 10/25/07 (corrected to add Central Power & Light mtg info)

At a recent Council meeting, it was announced that Jersey Central Power& Light will provide a project update on the remediation of the former Sea Isle City manufactured gas plant site, located at 39th and Central.  The mtg will be held on Saturday, October 27, 2-5pm, at the Community Lodge.  Read the summer 2007 project update. 

2008 budget discussion handout from 10/13/07 SICTA General Mtg  Do you want to see significant improvements in the town?  Do you want to see material tax increases?  Do you want to see City services provided significantly cheaper?  Please review the presentation and send us your thoughts.

September 2007 SICTA Newsletter

SIC Tourism Development Commission 2006 financial records audit

Beesleys Point Bridge -- open it! Handout1  Handout2

Commissioners responses to SICTA's 2007 budget questions   (see next item for questions)

SICTA's analysis of the 2007 SIC Municipal Budget (26 pages!)

Final SICTA survey results. See what 600 respondents had to say! Passive Park funding: letter from the South Jersey Economic Development District (3/8/07)  Visit the North End page for more details re: the proposed Passive Park.

2007 CMC Budget  [see below for other related documents]

2007 Budget Message From The Freeholder Director

January 2007 CMC Chief Financial Officer's Budget Analysis (and see this 1/19/07 Herald article).

CMC Abstract of 2006 Ratables (and SICTA analysis) [large file -- 3.5MB]

SICTA Alert 8/28/07

8/8/07 SIC Police Report -- noise and tenant responsibility report
[More noise reports on the TW/TP Page.]

SICTA Alert 7/4/07

Mission statements for business and ad hoc committees [See the above Alert from 7/4/07!]

Commissioners Mtg Agenda 6/26/07

SICTA Alert 6/15/07

Commissioners Mtg Agenda 6/12/07

Commissioners Mtg Agenda 5/21/07

Commissioners Mtg Agenda 5/15/07

SICTA Alert 5/4/07

SICTA's May newsletter

Commissioners Mtg Agenda 4/24/07

SICTA Alert 4/9/07  [Correction: B.O.E. mtgs start at 7pm!]

Commissioners Mtg Agenda 4/2/07

SICTA Alert 3/20/07

Commissioners Mtg Agenda 3/13/07

SICTA Alert 3/5/07

Planning Board 2/26/07 mtg and Master Plan Survey discussion

SICTA's February newsletter

Commissioners Mtg Agenda 2/13/07

SICTA Alert 2/12/07

SICTA Alert 2/7/07

SICTA Alert 1/16/07

1/9/07 Commissioners Mtg Agenda

12/26/06 Commissioners Mtg Agenda

SICTA Alert 11/30/06

SICTA Alert 11/8/06

SICTA Alert 11/4/06

SICTA's October newsletter

Does censorship have a place in Sea Isle City?  Read Tourism Development Commission letter received the day before the Fall Family Festival.

SICTA Alert 10/10/06

SICTA Alert 9/22/06

School budget figures updated.  See notes from SICTA's presentation to the Board of Education on 8/22/06 and the presentation to the BOE on 3/28/06 during a budget hearing.

SICTA's August newsletter (4 MB file).

Budget junkie? See: proposed 2006 SIC budget (it's 7 MB -- a very large file), SICTA's questions for City officials, and SICTA's 52 page in-depth review of the budget.

Top 10 salaries and vendor payments.  Details.

July SIC Police Report.  Details. 

Archived News From Newspapers, etc. 

9/13/19 (Sea Isle News) Swimming Pool Survey to Include All Property Owners

9/1/19 (Sea Isle News) Sea Isle Police Seek Driver in Hit-and-Run

8/25/19 (Sea Isle News) Springfield Inn Redevelopment Plan Revealed

7/31/19 (Herald) Freeholder Director Chides Morey for Go-Cart Ride over Bridge

7/25/19 (Sea Isle News) Sea Isle Plans Voter Referendum on Community Recreation Project

7/16/19 (Herald) Second Homeowners – Pay but No Say

7/13/19 (Sea Isle News) Developers Unveil Rendering for Proposed Sea Isle Hotel Project

12/1/18 (Herald) SIC OKs Fair Housing Plan

11/19/18 (Herald) Flood Warning Lights Planned

11/18/18 (Herald) Sea Isle Council Mulls Future Projects

11/17/18 (Herald) Flooding Worsens in Sea Isle City; Plan Calls for Closer County Link

9/29/18 (Herald) Sea Isle Blvd. Ready Sooner

9/12/18 (Press of AC) Sweeney’s panel urges major state reforms to avoid bleak future, says Carl Golden

7/27/18 (Herald) Amend Park Uses

7/24/18 (OCNJ Daily) Cape May County Bridge Commission to End Discount Ticket Sales

7/15/18 (Herald) Parking Space Dilemma

7/14/18 (Herald) 7 Spans on Townsend’s Inlet Bridge To Be Replaced; Closure to Occur

12/2/17 (SI News) Facing Foreclosure, Sea Isle City Landmark Seeks Financial Help From Public

11/21/17 (Herald ) Sea Isle Addresses Affordable Housing Obligations

11/21/17 (Herald) Sea Isle Hears Beach Complaints

11/15/17 (Herald) Sea Isle Boulevard: Should Drastic Action Be Taken?

10/31/17 (Herald) Voice Concerns on Boulevard

10/27/17 (Herald) Replacing Townsend’s Inlet Bridge Won’t Be Cheap or Quick

10/16/17 (Press of AC) Cape bridges will soon have E-ZPass; major renovations to be discussed Thursday

10/6/17 (Press of AC) Get the hard data on South Jersey in our new Where to Live map

10/1/17 (Herald) SIC Summer Crime: Enforcement Better than in Past

9/30/17 (Herald) Rehab Weighed for Townsend’s Inlet Bridge

8/28/17 (NJ Law Jourrnal) Cyclist Struck by Government Truck Gets $1.58M Verdict in Cape May Co.

8/20/17 (Herald) FEMA 2017 FMA Grant Application Opportunity for Elevations

6/18/17 (Herald) Fed up, Owners Unload

6/5/17 (Herald) Residents’ Complaints: Wasted Water, Noise, Teen Drinking in Sea Isle City

5/30/17 (Press of AC) In split vote, Sea Isle City Council drops plan for later sidewalk dining hours

5/23/17 (Herald) Extend Outside Music Time? Residents Oppose Idea

5/21/17 (Herald) Townsend's Inlet Bridge Opening Delayed

2/20/17 (Herald) E-Z Pass Coming to County Toll Bridges

2/19/17 (Herald)  Sea Isle City Administration Presents 2017 Budget

2/16/17 (Herald) Sea Isle Goes Paid EMS, Mayor Gives Annual Update

12/28/15 (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) Sea Isle, Strathmere and southern Ocean City to get 'Re-Pump'

12/26/15 (Philly Voice) Plan moves forward to extend Sea Isle City Promenade for cyclists and joggers

12/11/15 (Herald) City, FOP Agree to Three-year Pact; Chamber Seeks Improvements

12/9/15 (Herald) Bridge Alerts Differ, Each Municipality Has Its Own Method

10/27/15 (Herald) Master Plan Input Proves Residents Want to Be Heard

10/24/15 (Press of AC) Stop building, large crowd tells Sea Isle City

9/22/15 ( Trial set over death after New Jersey town Polar Bear Plunge

6/19/15 (New York Times) Science Panel Tries to Reinject Reality into Flood Insurance Pricing

6/15/15 ( Magrogan planning oyster house at the Jersey shore

6/14/15 (Press of AC) South Jersey shore businesses cope with crowds

5/27/15 (Press of AC) Sea Isle City grapples with "giant" houses

5/27/15 (Press of AC) County taking steps to reopen Townsends Inlet Bridge by June 19

5/20/15 (Press of AC) Townsends Inlet Bridge opening delayed two to three weeks

5/7/15 (Shore News Today) Dredge arrives off Strathmere with beach fill set to begin

5/6/15 (Shore News Today) New Strathmere jitney to start operating this summer

4/28/15 (Press of AC) Sea Isle City school budget increases but taxes decline slightly

4/28/15 (Press of AC) Sea Isle City makes Pleasure Avenue 15-mph, one-way street

4/22/15 (Herald) Beach Rebuilding Begins, Federal Project Aids Post-Sandy Resiliency in Three Areas

4/20/15 ( Army Corps Starts Work on Two Major Beach-Protection Projects at Shore

4/16/15 (Herald) Council Passes Budget, Hears Updates on Beach Replenishment and Boulevard Construction

3/24/15 (Press of AC) Sea Isle City hears residents, but cell tower plan remains on track

3/17/15 (Herald) School’s Closing Saves Taxes, Aids Pupils, Larger District Offers Better Resources

3/13/15 (Herald) City Introduces $50-Million Budget, Debates Proposed Verizon Cell Tower

3/10/15 (Press of AC) Sea Isle City adopts 2015 budget with no local tax increase

3/9/15 (Press of AC) Incumbents to run uncontested in Sea Isle City election

3/6/15 (Press of AC) Sea Isle City recognized as a leader in flood mitigation

3/3/15 (Press of AC) Proposed 2015 Sea Isle City budget keeps local tax rate flat

2/27/15 (Upper Twp Gazette) Citizen Call-Check offered in Sea Isle

2/26/15 (Upper Twp Gazette) Storm drain reconstruction could be included in beach replenishment

2/25/15 (Press of AC) Sea Isle City asks: Is there such a thing as too many bars?

12/9/14 (Press of AC) Ludlam Island Brewery lingers before Sea Isle Council

11/25/14 (Herald) Sea Isle City Taxpayers Assn.: Replace Bridges, Raise Taxes

11/25/14 (Press of AC) Cape taxpayers willing to pay for new bridges

11/25/14 (Press of AC) Sea Isle brewpub bubbles back to life

10/14/14 (Press of AC) Residents push for recreation center in Sea Isle City

9/23/14 (Press of AC) Cape planning more maintenance work to aging bridges

8/26/14 (Herald) Sea Isle City Seeks Development of Public Land

8/12/14 (Press of AC) Sea Isle City replenishment should add 200 feet or more to beaches

6/23/14 (Press of AC) Sea Isle City police join state’s elite with accreditation

5/23/14 (Press of AC) Closing of Gillian’s Funland leaves void in Sea Isle

3/18/14 (Herald) Sea Isle Lifeguard Boat Helps Save Center

3/4/14 (Insurance Journal) House Passes Flood Insurance Bill; Key Senators Sign On

9/11/13 (Herald) Townsend's Inlet Civic Center Celebrates 125th Birthday

8/9/13 (The Atlantic) One Town's Amazing Plan to Lift Its Entire Downtown Above Sea-Level Rise

7/30/13 (OC Patch) FEMA Posts Dates for Some Flood Insurance Increases

7/30/13 (Upper Twp Gazette) Last beach easement in place for Army Corps’ replenishment project in Strathmere

7/28/13 (Herald) Sea Isle City Has Many Activities Planned for National Night Out on Aug. 6

7/26/13 (Upper Twp Gazette) Proposed Sea Isle city hall cut down to three stories

7/18/13 (Press of AC) The Press of Atlantic City to be purchased by Warren Buffett's BH Media Group

7/18/13 (Upper Twp Gazette) Township has options for beach replenishment

7/3/13 (Press of AC) App helps residents, visitors see what's happening in shore towns

7/2/13 ( Opinion: N.J. FEMA flood map revisions could provide false sense of security

3/14/13 (OC Patch) Database Listing Flood-Damaged Vehicles Doubles

3/13/13 (Herald) Man Arrested in Sea Isle Copper Thefts

3/11/13 (Press) Sea Isle City expects tax rate to rise

3/7/13 (Upper Twp Gazette) McHale says he will not seek re-election in Sea Isle City

3/6/13 (Herald) Gibson Seeks City Council Seat

3/4/13 (Press) Former Assemblyman Jack Gibson running for Sea Isle City council seat

3/2/13 (Herald) Sea Isle City Recognized by FEMA as Class 6 Community 

2/28/13 (Gov. Christie) Governor Christie Announces 30-Day Extension for Sandy Disaster Assistance Registration

2/26/13 (OC Patch) State Budget: Feds on Hook for Sandy Recovery

2/21/13 (OC Patch) Tax Burden Shifts as Ocean City Catches Up With Falling Real Estate Values

2/20/13 (Press) Velocity zones raise concerns in downtowns

2/20/13 (Press) State Sen. Van Drew wants relief from flood insurance reform passed in 2012

2/20/13 (Press) Christie highlights federal funds available for raising homes, businesses damaged by Sandy

2/13/13 (Press) Guest editorial / The Washington Post / New flood policies make sense for nation

2/5/13 ( What Sandy victims need to know about new height rules for their homes

2/1/13 (Press) Billboard at Lincoln Tunnel invites visitors to Sea Isle City

1/27/13 (OC Patch) Guide to Making the Call on Elevating Your Ocean City Property

1/26/13 (OC Patch) Post-Sandy Q&A Session: Live Discussion Board

1/23/13 (OC Patch) Schools Pinch Pennies in New Budget

1/14/13 (CBS) Sea Isle Mayor: Beach Intact, We’re Open For Business

12/31/12 (Herald) Barge Breaks Free, Crashes into Bridge

12/29/12 (Press) Cape May County approves $4.3 million to raise roads into Sea Isle City, seeks federal reimbursement

12/14/12 (OC Patch) FEMA Flood Maps to Include Elevation Increase of One to Five Feet on Average

12/11/12 (Inquirer) Shore towns’ line in sand against bill to kill beach tags

12/4/12 (SJ Sun News) High school student arranges trips to beach for those less fortunate

11/29/12 (Herald) Santa Heads for T. I. Dec. 8

11/27/12 (Inquirer) Woman killed in Sea Isle City accident had planned to retire there
[The SICTA Board expresses our sincere condolences, and our thoughts are with her family.]

11/13/12 (Herald) Sea Isle Condemns Two City Buildings in Sandy's Aftermath

11/8/12 (OC Patch) Think Your Property Escaped Flood? Take a Better Look

11/6/12 (AC Press) Remember: Salt water damages everything

11/2/12 (AC Press) Andre Pattantyus / Meteorologist: Dunes saved Avalon and Stone Harbor

10/31/12 (6 ABC) Aerial video of SIC after Sandy shot from a helicopter

10/7/12 (Shore News Today) Sea Isle throws Halloween parade and dance party

10/5/12 (Middle Twp Gazette) Animal control, janitorial service could be contracted out

10/4/12 (Press release) PR from a company that supplied flood vents for last year's flood vent fiasco

9/19/12 (Herald) Sea Isle's 2012 Fall Family Festival Attracted Tens-of-Thousands

9/7/12 (Press) Sea Isle City fisherman, 83, fined $5,000, told he needs a license to continue lifelong method

9/6/12 (Press) Ocean City embraces rest of Sea Isle City’s students

9/1/12 (SFGate) Use of license plate readers by police increasing

8/31/12 (Press) Sea Isle City gets $3.5 million to improve road

4/7/12 (Press) Wetlands Institute's Turtle Fest brings attention to plight of local diamondback terrapins

4/6/12 (Press) Amusement parks pour millions into rides to impress visitors this season

4/4/12 (OC Sentinel) Sea Isle City between a rock and a hard place

4/3/12 (Press) South Jersey Economic Development District ousts Executive Director Gordon Dahl

4/3/12 (Press) Watchdog Report: Director's pay grew 40% as debt at South Jersey economic development agency soared

3/16/12 (Press) Sea Isle to revamp JFK Boulevard this fall to improve city’s entrance

3/29/12 (Herald) Sea Isle Considers Sunday Morning Alcohol Sales

3/29/12 (Herald) City's Bond Rating Upgraded to AA

3/27/12 (SIC Public School) 2012-2013 budget

3/4/12 (Press) Sea Isle City homeowners to qualify for flood-insurance discounts

2/28/12 (OC Patch) Sign Up for News Alerts on Weather, Traffic, Crime and More

1/5/12 ( 13 districts would be eligible for $4.1 million in new school aid under bill backed by Burzichelli-Riley

1/3/12 (Press) Cape May County tourism officials report revenue boosts in 2011, 'promising signs' for 2012

12/29/11 (Herald) Sea Isle Signs Contract to Build Welcome Center

12/23/11 (Herald) Dredge Staging for Sea Isle Beach Fill

12/23/11 (Herald) St. Joseph Catholic Church Dedicated

12/16/11 (Press) Local residents, officials surprised by Jan. 1 Garden State Parkway toll increase

12/15/11 (Herald) Sea Isle Passes Annual Salary Ordinance

12/13/11 (Press) Sea Isle City opens new library, which sports $5 million bayfront views

11/30/11 (Press) Cape May most dangerous county for bicyclists, data show

11/29/11 (Herald) Sea Isle To Terminate Contract with Current Health Plan

11/3/11 (Press) Catching up: Sea Isle City waiting to hear from state about closing its elementary school

11/16/11 (Herald) Sea Isle’s Seasonal Beach Tags to See Increase

11/1/11 (Herald) County Awarded Millions For Road Improvements

10/26/11 (Herald) Sea Isle Rejects $1M Welcome Center Bid

10/25/11 (Herald) Sea Isle Kiosk Parking Meters Confuse Some Drivers

10/17/11 (Herald) Can Sea Isle School Remain Open with $600K Shortfall?

10/17/11 (Inquirer) At the Shore, many homes retained value after a wild ride

9/28/11 (Herald) County Prepares to Open New Sea Isle City Branch Library in Oct.

9/28/11 (OC Sentinel) Sea Isle City school board discusses rec board uses gymnasium

9/23/11 (Press) Sisters protest Sea Isle City’s plans to build welcome center near senior center

9/14/11 (Press)) Cape May County bridge projects will improve vital links at the shore

9/13/11 (Herald) Sea Isle City's 9-11 Ceremony Attracted Nearly 1,000 Spectators

9/12/11 (Herald) Sea Isle City’s Fall Family Festival Bigger, Better

8/23/11 (Press) 92-year-old Sea Isle woman lived, breathed, shared city's history

8/14/11 (Press) Police say crosswalk law at South Jersey shore encourages jaywalkers

8/14/11 (Press) South Jersey police departments struggle to get bicyclists to obey law, ride safely

8/7/11 (Press) Sea Isle City takes residents to court over noncompliance with FEMA flood standards

8/6/11 (Press) Avalon opens first area charging station for electric cars

7/4/11 (Press) Sea Isle City tries to protect a legacy in historic Fish Alley

7/1/11 (Press) Global warming drives plan to raise Sea Isle causeway in Cape May County

6/29/11 (Shore News Today) Officials confident beach replenishment will be bid in fall

6/28/11 (Herald) Terrific Tuesdays Return to Sea Isle City

6/24/11 (Herald) Avalon Achieves AA+ Bond Rating by Standard and Poor's

6/20/11 (Press) Warmer water temps bringing more people - and more water-related injuries, officials say

6/16/11 (Press) Cape May County towns want to share dispatchers

6/14/11 (Press) Cape May County to spend $30 million on road and bridge repairs, $15 on jail

6/3/11 (NJ.COM) N.J. Democrats near deal with Gov. Christie on pension, health reform

4/12/11 (Press) Summer flounder regulations / A sensible season

4/11/11 (Press) Cape May County workers union votes to split raise over two years, save 40 jobs

4/11/11 (Press) State promises open lanes and faster work completion on Ocean City-Somers Point causeway

4/9/11 (Press) Half of New Jersey's highways are deficient, and the repairs could cost billions

3/30/11 (Herald) Sea Isle City Taxpayers Association Delineates Purpose

3/30/11 (Herald) Sea Isle City’s Beach Path Adoption Program Is Looking for Sponsors

3/15/11 (Press) Sea Isle City mayor to run again, while four will seek City Council seats

3/11/11 (Press) Atlantic County and regionalization / Consider police

3/6/11 (Inquirer) Housing boom a bust for Shore populations

3/5/11 (Press) Gillian's Funland of Sea Isle City to add rides, boost advertising in bid to draw more visitors

3/5/11 (Press) County residents seek more marked pedestrian crossings

3/5/11 (Press) Everyone Has a Story: Sea Isle City woman helps others write their memoirs

3/2/11 (Shore News Today) School budget due tonight

3/2/11 (Press) Casino deregulation savings / Woefully off base

3/1/11 (Press) Parents urge Sea Isle City not to merge schools with Ocean City

3/11 (Philadelhpia Magazine) Off the Cuff: It’s time to rethink how the government spends our money

2/25/11 (Press) Sea Isle City tracks down its man in Tennessee, demands payment of 20-year-old traffic ticket

2/24/11 (NY Times) How Chris Christie Did His Homework

2/24/11 (Herald) Sea Isle Crowns a New Polar Bear Royal Family

2/24/11 (Press) BUDGET: Southern New Jersey's mayors happy about fixed state aid awards

Sea Isle school board tells state: Shut down our school district

2/23/11 (Press) BUDGET: School districts see some aid restored, but still far less than two years ago

2/22/11 (Shore News Today) Polar Bear Run-Walk steps up for autism

2/22/11 (Press) Jersey Shore Top Ten Beaches contest to name winners in all four coastal counties

2/22/11 (Herald) County Plans Road Resurfacing, Bridge Repairs, New Traffic Signals

2/21/11 (Press) Reforming teacher tenure / A reasonable start

2/19/11 (Press) Death, lawsuit, cold can't stop Polar Bear Plunge faithful from having a good time in Sea Isle City

2/19/11 (posting date) Picture of Tropical Storm Danny moving through SIC on 8/28/09

2/17/11 ( Sea Isle City forks over more than $1M to settle two police misconduct suits

2/16/11 (Press) Pa. man receives $500,000 settlement over 2006 Sea Isle City police incident

2/16/11 (Inquirer) Sea Isle City named in suit over woman's death

2/16/11 (OC Dentinel) Autism Run/Walk this Sunday in Sea Isle City

2/13/11 (Herald) McHale, Organ & Drew Running for Sea Isle City Offices

2/12/11 ( Parents blame Polar Bear Plunge for daughter's 2009 death, sue 19 people involved

2/10/11 (Press) Ocean City's Council votes to raise the price of seasonal beach tags by $5

2/9/11 (Herald) Sea Isle Girl Scout Honored by City, County

2/8/11 ( N.J. School Report Card data shows average per-pupil spending increased statewide, dropped in urban districts
[Includes links to school "report cards" that detail spending and other data]

2/7/11 (Press) Cape's crumbling bridges / Get used to it

2/6/11 (Captain's Stone's Log S.H.) Census

2/5/11 (Herald) Study Claims SIC Can Save $56 Per Month Per Household

2/5/11 (Press) Sea Isle City police hope to find witness to 2009 death at annual Polar Plunge

2/2/11 (Press) Bridge where SUV plunged into Corsons Inlet is one of many in Cape May County in need of repair

2/1/11 (Herald) Seven County Towns to Share $1.4 in Municipal Aid from NJDOT

2/1/11 (Shore News Today) SIC looks to the Web to sell surplus items

1/31/11 (Press) Two Sea Isle City men arrested in armed robbery

1/31/11 (Press) Consolidation and state aid / Time has come

1/29/11 (Press) Sea Isle City police find no evidence that firefighters planned not to respond to fires

1/29/11 (Press) Changes to student visa rules could mean fewer foreign employees at the shore this summer

1/28/11 (Herald) Donated Pavers Will Mark Civic Center's 125th Anniversary

1/24/11 (Herald) Sea Isle City Taxpayers Association—Year in Review

1/24/11 (Press) Everyone Has a Story: Sea Isle City's Polar Bear Plunge queen writes memoir

1/23/11 (Press) More laser pointers being aimed skyward at aircraft near Atlantic City International Airport, FAA says

1/21/11 (Herald) More Sewage=More Tourists? Ocean City Tops Summer Flow

1/21/11 (Herald) Polar Bear Walk/Run for Autism Set Feb. 20

1/20/11 (OC Sentinel) Sea Isle school board: Sell building, lease it back?

1/20/11 (Herald) Jameson Publishes Memoirs of City’s Annual Polar Bear Plunge

1/18/11 (Press) Despite findings of recent study, area may be flush with fresh water

1/13/11 (Press) Sea Isle Unveils Budget with No Local Tax Increase

1/11/11 (Press) If politician has her way, New Jersey bicyclists may have to pay to register bikes or face fines

1/10/11 (Press) School superintendent requirements / Easing hiring rules makes sense

1/7/11 (Press) Police take control of Sea Isle City Volunteer Fire Department amid infighting and rumors of threats to ignore fire calls

1/7/11 (Herald) Sea Isle Police Chief Overseeing Fire Department Amid Infighting

1/7/11 (Press) Legislative leaders propose pension overhaul that would require workers to pay more

1/7/11 (Press) Sea Isle City Girl to Be Featured on Billboard

1/5/11 (Press) State pension crisis / Getting worse

1/3/11 (Press) A Life Lived: Sea Isle City man worked, shot hoops until the end

1/3/11 (Herald) Sea Isle City Car Fire Not Suspicious

12/31/10 (Press) Eleven reasons why South Jersey residents can be optimistic about 2011

12/30/10 (Press) Atlantic City Electric customers to see rates increase by 5.5 percent effective Saturday

12/30/10 (Press) Funding Barnegat Bay / A flawed plan

12/28/10 (Herald) Copper Shoppers Arrested In Avalon

12/28/10 (Shore News Today) House suffers extensive damage in Sea Isle City fire

12/23/10 (Shore News Today) TI Civic Center hosts Christmas with Santa


12/21/10 (Press) Mayors of shore towns oppose taking $1 of every beach badge sale to help save Barnegat Bay

12/18/10 (Herald) South End Neighborhood Group Hosts Christmas Show For Kids

3/15/10 (Cape May County School  Superintendent) CMC REPORT ON CONSOLIDATION AND REGIONALIZATION [posted 12/19] 

12/18/10 (Press) Empty beach homes prime targets for burglars during the winter

12/16/10 (Herald) Sea Isle Announces Holiday House Lighting Winners

12/15/10 (Press) U.S. Census Bureau survey: Southern New Jersey remains one of the poorest areas in the state

12/13/10 (Shore News Today) Sea Isle rings in the New Year for kids, without even missing their bedtimes

12/12/10 (Press) N.J. transportation projects / Good, bad news

12/9/10 (Shore News Today) Only Cape May sees a cut in state aid

12/7/10 (Press) Everyone Has a Story: LaSalle University honors Sea Isle City man with Finley Award

12/7/10 (Press) Strathmere residents to appeal court ruling against their secession petition

12/6/10 (Press) In coastal counties like Cape May and Ocean, demolished homes mean something bigger is on the way

12/5/10 (Press) Program gets kids involved in saving baby turtles

12/2/10 (Shore News Today) Strathmere group appeals ruling against de-annexation from Upper Township

11/29/10 (Herald) Sea Isle City Cost Allocations - Accounting Chicanery?

11/28/10 (Coalition on Civic Associations Of Cape May County - COCA) Ltr to Senator Van Drew re: NJ fishing license

11/27/10 (YouTube) SIC sunset video

11/25/10 (OC Sentinel) Sea Isle elementary school welcomes $10,000 donation

11/16/10 (MSNBC) The secret sauce behind bloated state pensions

11/15/10 (Herald) Rental Permits Decrease 6 percent in Sea Isle City

11/12/10 (MSNBC) Super-sized pensions, and a doomsday scenario

11/8/10 (Press) Open Public Records Act changes go into effect Tuesday

11/8/10 (Attorney General) Attorney General’s Office Proposes Rule Updates Concerning Confidentiality of Government Records

11/7/10 (Press) Southern New Jersey towns still resist municipal checklist

11/6/10 (Press) Sea Isle City draws fishermen, off-season business, with three-day striper tournament

11/4/10 (Press) Sea Isle City proposal to put Welcome Center at lodge draws opposition

10/29/10 (Press) Strathmere's failed secession / Move denied for good reason

10/28/10 (Herald) Sea Isle City’s Taxpayers Association: “How’s business this summer”?

10/28/10 (Captain's Log S.H) Burglaries [flat screen TVs in SH.]

10/27/10 (Press) Sea Isle City approves additional commercial rezoning

10/22/10 (Press) Alarm in Sea Isle City church foils burglary attempt

10/21/10 (Press) Tiny Strathmere awaits judge's ruling on whether it can secede from Upper Township

10/16/10 (Herald) Taxpayer Group Releases Survey Findings

10/13/10 (Press) Avalon considers affordable housing plan

10/13/10 (Press) New Jersey companies object to offshore power grid proposed by Google consortium

10/7/10 (Press) Sea Isle City wants to create new welcome center to greet visitors

10/5/10 (Press) Stone Harbor will increase water rates in an effort to curb excessive use, as well as pay back bonds

10/2/10 (Captain Stone's Log S.H) Quietly effective -- Stone Harbor's use of solar energy

9/30/10 (Press) Cape May County to close Townsend Inlet Bridge for three weeks

9/30/10 (Press) Sea Isle City wants official signs for parkway "shortcut"

9/29/10 (Press) Sea Isle City to name a street for longtime resident Joseph Romano Sr.

9/29/10 (Press) A crystal ball for parkway traffic jams? Highway officials think so

9/21/10 (Press) Demolition ends any hope of saving former Ludlam Beach Lighthouse in Sea Isle City

9/19/10 (Press) Zoning law change lets Sea Isle City businesses tear down, rebuild with extra living space

9/15/10 (Press) Sea Isle City wants to cap landfill with dredge spoils

9/13/10 (Press) Stone Harbor Borough Council proposes raising water rates

9/5/10 (Press) 2010 tourism season good but not great along southern New Jersey shore

9/3/10 (Press) Sea Isle school settles with family for $120,000 over racism in Christmas-play casting

9/2/10 (Press) Sea Isle City checkpoint catches three drunk drivers, police say 

8/30/10 (Captain Stone's Log, S.H.) Spending

8/27/10 (Press) Saving Sea Isle's 'lighthouse' / Council is right

8/26/10 (Upper Twp Gazette) Preservationists seek home for Sea Isle City lighthouse in Upper Township

8/25/10 (Press) Sea Isle City refuses funding for moving former lighthouse

8/25/10 (Press) Sea Isle City will build band shell, replace Promenade pavilion

8/24/10 (Press) Sea Isle City keeps local elections in May

8/23/10 (Press) Strathmere residents ask court for permission to secede from Upper Township and join Sea Isle City

8/17/10 (Press) Landmark Sea Isle City restaurant Busch's likely to stay open after deal falls through

8/8/10 (Press) Two airlifted after car crash on Sea Isle City Bridge

8/5/10 (Press) Area anglers believe commercial fishermen take all the fluke before they can reach legal size

8/4/10 (Press) Former Sea Isle City lighthouse faces demolition in fall

7/13/10 (Press) Sea Isle City considers moving May elections to November to save money

7/12/10 (Press) Stone Harbor tests allowing dogs on its entire beachfront; some owners need training

7/8/10 (Press) Sea Isle Ice Co. founder Joseph Romano dies at 73

7/7/10 (Press) Asbury Park to consider allowing topless beach

7/6/10 (Press) Cape May County asks towns to consider opening cooling centers

7/3/10 (Press) State lawmakers want to limit use of personal watercraft in coastal wetlands

7/2/10 (Captain Stone's Log, S.H.) Stone Harbor Health Benefits 2001-2009

7/2/10 (Press) Health coverage for Ocean City's council members / Missing the point

6/30/10 (Press) The cost of beach replenishment / Lack of competition

6/30/10 (Captain Stone's Log, S.H.) Cheers for Van Drew

6/23/10 (Press) Gaping hole in Beesleys Point Bridge further divides Somers Point, Upper Township, even on foot

6/18/10 (Press) New beach-access rules / Sensible compromise

6/16/10 (Press) An end to a tradition as Busch's Seafood nears closing in Sea Isle City

6/16/10 (Press) Stone Harbor letting dogs on beach after 7 p.m.

6/15/10 (Press) Sea Isle City starts voluntary bike registration program

6/11/10 (Press) Still-dangerous chemical weapons on the ocean floor / Dredging up the past

6/9/10 (Press) Idle Cape May Seashore Lines trains a growing source of frustration

6/9/10 (Press) Now on its way to vacationers' iPhones: The Jersey Cape "app"

6/9/10 (Press) Beach replenishment projects about to finish up in Sea Isle City, begin in Avalon

6/8/10 (Press) Ocean City ordinance change could increase discounts for residents on flood-insurance premiums

6/4/10 (Press) Crane falls into bay in Sea Isle City

6/4/10 (WWL New Orleans) National flood insurance program lapses, again

6/1/10 (Press) Condos vs. traditional hotels / Tax both equally

5/31/10 (Press) Double-dredging in Avalon, Sea Isle City gives beachgoers something to look at

5/28/10 (Press) Work to begin next week on $5.5 million library in Sea Isle City

5/27/10 (Press) Beachfill work under way in Sea Isle City

5/24/10 (Insurance & Financial Advisor) Senator’s bid for standalone NFIP extension through end of year fails

5/21/10 (Press) The ocean's dangers / Better warnings?

5/19/10 (Press) James Sherk / Public workers, unions and your taxes - it’s not just N.J.

5/14/10 (Press) Sea Isle City switches health plans, eliminates longevity pay for police

5/11/10 (Press) New Jersey to help pay for Avalon, Sea Isle beach fill project

5/5/10 (Press) Wildwood City Commission awards contract to privatize trash collection, save $1 million per year

5/4/10 (Press) Officials at Cape May County conference say tourists are changing habits as competition heats up for them

5/4/10 (Press) Cape tourism conference focuses on small businesses

5/1/10 (Press) Oil spill fuels opposition to drilling off New Jersey coast

4/30/10 (Press) Beesleys Point Bridge / Think fishing pier

4/29/10 (Press) Atlantic City Electric testing solar panels on Cape May County utility poles

4/26/10 (Press) New technology helps map New Jersey coast, identify future flooding danger

4/26/10 (Press) State Commission of Investigation / Worth keeping

4/25/10 (Press) Beesleys Point Bridge's future still very uncertain

4/23/10 (Press) Sea Isle to honor summer resident Casey Feldman killed in Ocean City accident

4/22/10 (Press) Avalon wins coin toss, will get its beach replenished before Sea Isle City

4/22/10 (Herald) Taxpayers Association Critical of Cape May Budget

4/21/10 (Press) Fumes from nail polish remover in trash truck sicken 3 Sea Isle City employees

4/21/10 (Press) Cape May County water supply in danger, Geological Survey report says

4/19/10 (Herald) Wildwood Layoff Plan Includes Five Police Officers

4/17/10 (Press) St. Joseph parish welcomes groundbreaking on new church in Sea Isle City

4/17/10 (Press) Sea Isle City road project unearths old trolley tracks

4/9/10 (Press) Only flat screen televisions stolen in string of burglaries of Sea Isle City summer homes

4/7/10 (Press) Pedestrian safety / Will new law help?

4/6/10 (Press) Wet winter, spring bring critters out in Cape May County

4/5/10 (Press) Summer homes hurt Cape May County's rate of census return [CMC is "leading" the race for worst census form return rate.]

4/5/10 (Press) Foreign workers, not laid-off locals, filling seasonal jobs at New Jersey shore

3/3/0/10 ( Bill vetoed by Corzine is revived as a New Jersey DEP regulation

3/27/10 (Press) Sea Isle City residents looking to sell homes would need flood-vent review under new plan

3/25/10 (Press) St. Joseph Catholic Church in Sea Isle City defies trend with $7 million expansion

3/23/10 (Press) Property-tax rebates, freezes / Needed changes

3/23/10 (Press) Ocean City, Avalon take dune work into own hands

3/18/10 (Press) Sea Isle City police investigate home burglaries

3/14/10 (Press) Coin flip may determine whether Avalon or Sea Isle gets sand first

3/14/10 (Press) Our Citizens Editorial Board weighs in on OPRA

3/11/10 (OC Sentinel) Project awarded for sand replenishment in Sea Isle

3/11/10 (Phila. Inquirer) GOP vows tools to cut expenses, tighter tax caps

3/3/10 (Herald) Cape May Approves New Water Rates   [But SIC does not...]

3/3/10 (Captain Stone's Log, S.H.) Our [S.H.'s] budget...

2/24/10 (Press) Plans to repair Beesleys Point Bridge set back by revised $32M. projected bill

2/20/10 (Press) Municipalities turn to layoffs to reduce massive deficits

2/11/10 (Press) Detectives at Sea Isle polar plunge seek info on 2009 death

2/11/10 (Press) Government transparency / Two needed bills

2/10/10 (Press) Wildwood seeks private firm to collect trash

2/2/10 (Press) Sea Isle City, VFW join to offer free beach tags to veterans

1/28/10 (Press) Higher tax rate, fewer jobs in proposed county budget

1/27/10 (Captain Stone's Log S.H.) In the running...

1/26/10 (Captain Stone's Log S.H.) A turn off?

1/23/10 (Press) Sea Isle pays half million to family of girl allegedly kept out of school Christmas play for being black

1/22/10 (Press) Rumor officially false: No ‘Jersey Shore’ in Sea Isle

1/21/10 (Herald) Sea Isle: 'Jersey Shore' Not Invited to Resort

1/21/10 (Captain Stone's Log S.H.) Christie’s_Executive_Order_8

1/18/10 (Press) Health benefits for part-timers / Trust us, it's over

1/13/10 (Press) Sea Isle proposes budget increasing local purpose tax

1/13/10 (Press) Bereaved parents urge Sea Isle to control Polar weekend alcohol

1/12/10 (Press) Municipal services / Lower expectations

1/11/10 (Press) Amusement park owner Jay Gillian to run for Ocean City mayor

1/8/10 (Press) Public information online / No more excuses

1/5/10 (Press) Sliding revenues, land values pinch Cape May County budget

1/4/10 (Press) Reappointment hearing for Cape May County prosecutor postponed

1/3/10 (Press) Gillian's to expand Sea Isle City amusement park

1/3/10 (Press) Fines coming for unregistered saltwater anglers, but you'll probably get a warning first

1/1/10 (Captain Stone's Log S.H.) Money well spent

12/30/09 (Herald) Painful Decisions

12/23/09 (Press) Southern New Jersey officials welcome aid for battered beaches

12/21/09 (Press) Study to determine future of Beesleys Point Bridge

12/21/09 (Captain Stone's Log S.H.) Stone Harbor's south-end beach replenishment

12/18/09 (Press) Townsends Inlet Civic Center celebrates holidays with show, Santa's workshop display

12/18/09 (Press) Local pension deferrals ... again / Bad idea, bad timing

12/16/09 (Press) Woman hit by Sea Isle City beach patrol kayak can't sue, court rules

12/14/09 (Press) New bridge for Port of Cape May / This is stimulus

12/13/09 (Press) Public-employee contracts / Taxpayers, get involved

12/11/09 (Press) Area officials support bid to move May nonpartisan elections to November

12/9/09 (Press) Verizon's fiber-optic service reaches Atlantic, Cape counties

12/8/09 (Press) Former Sea Isle lighthouse remains rental

12/2/09 (Press) Report cites Atlantic City for retirement payouts

11/23/09 (Press) Sea Isle Police say man charged with setting business on fire is missing

11/20/09 (Press) Townsends Inlet Bridge set to reopen today

11/19/09 (OC Sentinel) Sea Isle reports $15 million in damage to beaches

11/18/09 (Press) The dune debate / Weigh costs, benefits

11/16/09 (Press) N.J. shore towns calculate loss from coastal storm as officials head to region

11/13/09 (Captain Stone's Log S.H.) Nor'easter  [Stone Harbor erosion pics]

11/12/09 (OC Sentinel) Prosecutor: Office is not misogynistic

11/12/09 (Herald) Townsend Inlet Bridge Closed 'Til Nov. 19-20

11/12/09 (Herald) County Signs Emergency Proclamation; Highways, Streets Flood

11/10/09 (Press) New Jersey joins Delaware in opposing deepening of Delaware River

11/7/09 (Press) As dune projects expand in southern New Jersey, so do debates over price protection

11/5/09 (OC Sentinel) How are crimes against women handled in Cape May County?

11/4/09 (Press) Desiderio wins uncontested freeholder race again

11/2/09 (Press) New Jersey sues to halt Army Corps dredging project

10/27/09 (Press) Avalon, Sea Isle say beach replenishment can't wait for state funds

10/26/09 (Press) The tale of the spiny dogfish / What to do?

10/16/09 (Press) Sea Isle City's historic former lighthouse may be spared demolition

10/9/09 (Press) Endangered Sea Isle City condos get new bulkhead

10/8/09 (Press) Wildwood Crest workers angry over town's plan to share health care costs

10/7/09 (Press) Somerville paper sues town over $1,100 surcharge for public records  [A portion of SICTA's annual budget goes towards OPRA (Open Public Records Act info requests.]

9/25/09 (Herald) Barrier Island Sewage Pipes Burst, Leak Into Avalon Manor Marshes

9/14/09 (Press) N.J. road conditions / Another dubious honor

9/11/09 (Press) Flooded streets close main road out of Sea Isle

9/11/09 (Press) Firefighters memorial run set for Sea Isle City

9/11/09 (Press) Syringes on the beach / Fix the real cause

9/9/09 (Press) Sea Isle City beach project complete

9/9/09 (Press) New Jersey applies for disaster designation for nine more counties

9/7/09 (Press) Wind farm on Delaware Bay / Hard sell, but ...

8/31/09 (Press) Ocean City police say man attempted two carjackings in 10-minute span

8/29/09 (Press) Corps OKs more sand for Strathmere

8/28/09 (Herald) Mega Millions Jackpot Now $333 Million/a>

8/27/09 (Press) Wind farm firm seeks spot off Ocean City to place meteorological tower

8/26/09 (Herald) Elevated Rt. 55 Will Be Project For Authority

8/26/09 (Herald) Mega Millions Jackpot Now $325 Million

8/13/09 (Press) Sea Isle introduces plan to spruce up entry corridor

8/13/09 (Inquirer) N.J. drive to curb crosswalk accidents

8/13/09 (Press) King Neptune Festival to benefit Townsends Inlet Civic Center

8/13/09 (Herald) County Advises Residents Stay Prepared for Hurricane Season

8/12/09 (Press) Dredge moves south to feed beaches in Sea Isle City

8/11/09 (Press) Strathmere residents worry over where beach fill stopped

8/8/09 (Press) A wrecking ball in fall for Sea Isle lighthouse?

7/24/09 (Press) Sea Isle City church seeks $7.2 million for expansion

7/18/09 (Press)  Legislation sets aside money for windmill in Sea Isle City

7/14/09 (Press) Strathmere group turns to courts in quest for secession

6/30/09 (Press) B.L. England wants to replace golf course with large solar-panel array

6/24/09 (Press) Pa. men get probation in Sea Isle City assault

6/24/09 (Press) Saving the turtles / Build more fences

6/23/09 (Press) Beach fill to rebuild Strathmere state park

6/23/09 (Press) N.J. should stay out of wind-insurance business

6/23/09 (Press) Rising turtle deaths stymie researchers

6/17/09 (Herald) Police Investigate Stabbing in Sea Isle City

6/13/09 (Press) Pa. man gets 3-year term in assault of cop in Sea Isle

6/4/09 (Press) Sea Isle City man embraces the cause for Philadelphia's fallen heroes

5/22/09 (Herald) County MUA Gives 2008 Recycling Rebates

4/27/09 note: unfortunately, the AC Press has once again changed their article storage system, breaking the links previously listed below.  You'll have to visit their site and manually search for articles using the headline.   

4/25/09 (Press) Strathmere secession would cut Upper Twp. tax base about 17%

4/15/09 (Herald) Guardrails to Replace Grass Median on Parkway

4/14/09 (Herald) Legislators Announce Parkway Improvements 

4/14/09 (Press) Sharing LBI beach tags / Worth a try

4/12/09 (Press) April showers don't scare away tourists, shore business owners

4/12/09 (Press) Merging municipal courts / So sensible, so difficult

4/11/09 (Press) Ocean City residents allowed input on '09 budget before hearing

4/11/09 (Press) Ocean City weighs hourly fee for researching records

4/8/09 (Press) Internet scam tries to rent out homes in Ocean City

4/8/09 (Press) Environmental concerns will not keep Beesleys Point Bridge from reopening

4/8/09 (Press) Towns wisely holding the line on beach fees

4/4/09 (Press) Avalon to start replenishing northern end

4/3/09 (Press) Delaware man pleads guilty in Sea Isle fatal crash

3/31/09 (Press) Government lobbying government / Just use the phone

3/28/09 (Herald) World War II Reenactor Explains How Tower Operated

3/27/09 (Herald) County to Hold Info Session on Sea Isle Boulevard Repairs

3/27/09 (Herald) World War II Tower Opens Friday

3/27/09 (Press) Journal rates Avalon Library one of best in U.S.class="style30"

3/27/09 (Press) Many fail to register distress beacons

3/26/09 (Press) Going Byway?

3/23/09 (Press) LoBiondo welcomes Corzine to Cape May County with slam on NJ beach funding

3/23/09 (Herald) Economy Affords County Government Opportunity to Rethink

3/20/09 (Herald) Sea Isle Water, Sewer Rates Jump 15 Percent 

3/20/09 (Herald) Coastal Weed May Be Alternative Energy Source

3/20/09 (Press) No contest in Sea Isle race

3/20/09 (Press) Strathmere secession bid rejected

3/19/09 (Press) Shore protection, arts funding / Fooled us ... twice?

3/17/09 (Herald) Avalon Mayor Bashes Corzine's 2009 Budget

3/17/09 (Herald) Corps to Scoop Wildwood's Sand to Avalon

3/16/09 (Herald) Public Advocate Pushes for Schools to Register Voters

3/15/09 (Press) Effects of windmills on wildlife / Keep in mind the alternatives

3/15/09 (Herald) Albano/Milam Bill Advances

3/15/09 (Press) Anglers skeptical about use of saltwater license fees

3/13/09 (Press) Earmark critic LoBiondo secures $14 million for district

3/13/09 (Press) Possession of an allergy pill / Zero common sense

3/12/09 (Ocean City Sentinel) Cape May County starting rehab of Sea Isle Boulevard Bridge

3/12/09 (Press) Foreclosures fall sharply in southern New Jersey

3/11/09 (Press) Death, not taxes, hot topic at county budget hearing

3/11/09 (Press) Corzine's proposed budget / Plenty of pain

3/11/09 (Press) Sticker shock in Ocean City

3/10/09 (Press) Public hearing scheduled for tonight on county budget

3/7/09 (Press) Sea Isle budget calls for 2-cent tax rate increase

3/7/09 (Press) Army Corps to replenish beaches in north Avalon

3/6/09 (Press) Cell phones and cars / Needed crackdown

3/5/09 (Press) DEP asks high court to hear beach case

3/5/09 (Press) Residency for state employees / Sounds good, but ...

3/4/09 (Press) Property-tax rebates / A likely budget victim

3/3/09 (Herald) Resident Blasts Investigation of Sea Isle Death

3/1/09 (Press) Benefits for part-time elected officials / End this perk now

2/28/09 (Press) Man pleads not guilty in fatal crash in Sea Isle

2/26/09 (Press) Sea Isle cameras not placed to help death investigation

2/26/09 (Press) Medical marijuana / A rational approach

2/25/09 (Press) Sea Isle City approves lease for amusement park

2/25/09 (Press) Freeholders approve energy master plan

2/25/09 (Press) Stone Harbor hopes to join beach-fill project

2/23/09 (Press) Cape Human Resources / Troublesome issues

2/22/09 (Press) Police seeking help, clues in Sea Isle death

2/20/09 (Press) Wind turbines / 'Inherently beneficial'

2/19/09 (Ocean City Sentinel) Hundreds brave ocean for Sea Isle's Polar Bear Plunge

2/18/09 (Press) No cause yet in death of woman in Sea Isle

2/17/09 (Press) Man indicted in New Mexico after taking pictures of children on Stone Harbor beach

2/17/09 (Press) Struggling Cape May County residents told to go to Atlantic City for help

2/17/09 (Press) Police identify woman found dead in Sea Isle bay

2/16/09 (Press) Body of woman from Pa. found in Sea Isle bay

2/16/09 (Press) Local libraries see an upswing in economic downturn

2/16/09 (Press) Cape May Point beach project a shift from the norm

2/14/09 (Press) Cape May Point may borrow plan from Avalon, leave library system

2/14/09 (Press) Legislators assail forced merger bill, join battle

2/13/09 (Press) State legislators find merit, concerns in fluoridation bill

2/13/09 (Press) Two local towns like the idea of moving May elections to Nov., but one in doubt

2/12/09 (Press) Reefs and subway cars / Critics were right

2/11/09 (Press) Social services, real estate slump factors in increase of county tax rate

2/11/09 (Press) Cleaning up polluted sites / Imperfect but needed solution

2/10/09 (Press) Sea Isle to collect sewer work bills from 1990s

2/10/09 (Herald) Freeholders Introduce $140-Million 2009 Budget

2/10/09 (Press) A plan for Strathmere

2/7/09 (Press) Subway cars in Atlantic City reef see 'unusual' damage

2/6/09 (Press) Pa. man pleads guilty in Sea Isle beating case

2/5/09 (Press) Nonpartisan elections / Move to November

2/5/09 (Ocean City Sentinel) Plastic bag ban sought for resort

2/3/09 (Press) Bill would give option of moving May elections

2/3/09 (Press) West Cape May proposes zoning changes for business districts

2/2/09 (Herald) Utility Pole Explodes in Wildwood   [fascinating video]

1/30/09 (Press) Cape May County’s only Section 8 office closing

1/28/09 (Press) South Jersey Gas proposes five energy-efficiency programs

1/28/09 (Press) Federal grant program / Affordable-housing boon

1/27/09 (Herald) Three Towns Plan to Share Public Access Channel

1/27/09 (Press) Plan reworks affordable-housing laws

1/25/09 (Press) Short-term landlords can be sued for injuries

1/24/09 (Press) Freeholders may raise county tax by one cent

1/23/09 (Press) Strathmere group gets final say on secession

1/23/09 (Press) County, towns ask DEP to make improvements to permit process\

1/23/09 (Press) Open-space funding / Hold off for now

1/23/09 (Press) Cape May Point to get beach-fill project

1/22/09 (Herald) Avalon Mayor Makes Budget Proposals to Borough Council

1/22/09 (Press) Tourism dry spell partly behind plan to hike water rates

1/21/09 (Press) NJ doubles Strathmere beach fill project to $8M

1/20/09 (Herald) Budget Gloom Is Countywide, Options Scarce

1/20/09 (Press) Christmas trees find new life as dune builders in Crest

1/20/09 (Herald) Avalon Removes Potty After Getting Sand

1/18/09 (Press) Installing stairs in restored World War II tower a tall obstacle to overcome

1/18/09 (Herald) World War II Tower Preparing for March Opening

1/17/09 (Press) PTI for dentist charged with dumping waste riles lawmakers

1/16/09 (Press) Sea Isle condo owner seeks to demolish decks

1/16/09 (Press) Upper Township moves to seize lots along beach

1/16/09 (Press) Dentist pleads not guilty to dumping medical waste off Avalon

1/16/09 (Press) Mayor defends Ocean City budget, tax increase

1/16/09 (Press) Paid-family leave / Consider a delay

1/15/09 (Herald) Landis Avenue Problem Becomes More Critical

1/15/09 (Press) N.J. illiteracy rate / Shocking figures

1/14/09 (Herald) Sea Isle Mayor Presents Budget, State of City

1/14/09 (Herald) West Cape May Sets Standards for Wind/Solar Installations

1/14/09 (Press) Mayor says Sea Isle City faces tax-rate increase

1/14/09 (Herald) UPDATE: Sea Isle Declares Emergency Following Bulkhead Failure, Building Collapse

1/14/09 (Press) Condos hanging on after bulkhead collapse

1/14/09 (Press) State of the State

1/14/09 (Phila Inq) Editorial: N.J. Budget

1/14/09 (Phila Inq) Corzine puts best spin on economy

1/14/09 (Phila Inq) Leaner times call for leaner goals

1/13/09 (Herald) Governor in State of the State: 'Change Is in the Air'

1/13/09 (Press) Condo balconies collapse in Sea Isle

1/13/09 (Press) State unemployment fund / No more diversions

1/12/09 (abc6) Homes collapsing in Sea Isle City   [includes startling video]

1/12/09 (Herald)  UPDATE: Sea Isle Bayside Properties Submerge After Bulkhead Gives Way

1/12/09 (Press) More group homes / The right direction/a>

1/11/09 (Herald) New Jersey Road Deaths Down 17% in 2008

1/9/09 (Herald) Senior Tax Freeze Program Expanded

1/9/09 (Press) Summer flounder population up, but N.J. catch faces cut

1/8/09 (Press) Records subpoenaed, director put on leave at Cape Human Resources

1/7/09 (Press) Builder's remedy rejected in West Cape

1/7/09 (Press) No walking away from problems

1/6/09 (Press) Pension-payment deferral / Digging a deeper hole

1/6/09 (Press) Failing seawall may doom Delaware Bay community

1/3/09 (Press) Cape May County gets new sheriff

1/2/09 (Herald) Parkway Fatalities: 20 in 10 Years

12/31/08 (Press) Beesleys Point Bridge expected to reopen in about 3 years

12/31/08 (Herald) Town Leaders Air COAH Gripes to First District Legislators

12/30/08 (Press) It's official: Cape May County owns Beesleys Point Bridge

12/30/08 (Press) Cape May County to buy Beesleys Point Bridge today

12/30/08 (Press) Seattle firm pushes for even larger wind farm off of Atlantic City

12/30/08 (Press) Putting state spending online / Why not?

12/30/08 (Press) N.J. gains $15M. in auction of emissions allowances

12/29/08 (Press) Seattle firm proposes new, larger ocean wind farm off Atlantic City

12/28/08 (Press) Economy dominates regional news in 2008

12/28/08 (Press) Cutbacks in government / Frugality should start at the top

12/26/08 (Herald) Strathmere Residents Seek Lower Speed Limit

12/24/08 (Herald) Sea Isle City Library Project Advances

12/24/08 (Press) U.S. delays saltwater registry for anglers

12/24/08 (Herald) Ex-manager Hits County Purchase Of Beesley Bridge

12/24/08 (Press) Gibson to head Sea Isle City Beach Patrol Alumni Association

12/24/08 (Press) Stone Harbor plans to appeal denial of permit for library

12/23/08 (Press) Rampant corruption / Who's to blame?

12/21/08 (Press) Plummeting gas prices / Time right to raise the gas tax

12/20/08 (Press) Second trash-contract bid saves Woodbine $85,000

12/19/08 (Press) N.J. ready to support three wind farm companies

12/19/08 (Press) Upper officials see windmills as the future

12/19/08 (Press) Help for veterans / Good program

12/19/08 (Press) Dunes may be high but not dry in Avalon

12/18/08 (Ocean City Sentinel) Sea Isle City allows alcohol to go with sidewalk dining

12/18/08 (Press) Council on Alcoholism / Sobering audit

12/17/08 (Press) NJ Supreme Court ruling means towns must get beachfront easements the hard way

12/17/08 (Herald) Dividends Shared Among Self-Insured

12/17/08 (Press) New Jersey to join carbon auction as part of regional climate group

12/17/08 (Press) Strathmere versus nature

12/17/08 (Press) Move to make water hookups mandatory dies without vote

12/16/08 (Press) Cape May County may join Atlantic County dispatch center

12/16/08 (Press) Lawmakers, groups in New Jersey praise Obama's choice of Jackson for EPA

12/15/08 (Press) Low-speed vehicles / Worth a try

12/14/08 (Press) Beach-access ruling fails to ease worries on Long Beach Island

12/13/08 (Press) Ocean City Council gives top officials 3 percent raises

12/12/08 (Press) Bridge repairs to take toll on users

12/12/08 (Press) Report on state authorities / Good news, bad news

12/11/08 (Press) Sea Isle City approves liquor sales, BYOB for sidewalk dining

12/11/08 (Press) Accident cleanup fees / Just another tax

12/11/08 (Press) Ocean City to issue vending licenses for ice-cream sales

12/10/08 (Press) Cape May County approves buying Beesleys Point Bridge in 4-1 vote

12/10/08 (Press) Middle Township police put crime online for public

12/10/08 (Herald) Stone Harbor's Beachfront Library Plans Denied CAFRA Permits

12/10/08 (Press) Affordable housing deadline may move

12/10/08 (Press) New Census figures / Fundamental change for A.C.

12/9/08 (Press) Beesleys Point Bridge deal hangs on $900,000 repayment

12/9/08 (Press) Ocean City Police say golf carts should not be on streets

12/9/08 (Press) Ocean City hopes for rule change in affordable-housing mandates

12/8/08 (Press) State energy audits / Sign up

12/7/07 (Press) Cities, colleges request SJTA's help on parking

12/5/08 (Press) Lower Township's outgoing council approves four union contracts

12/3/08 (Press) Downtown shopping districts / A resilient lot

12/3/08 (Press) Rail cars find perfect place to ride out recession: Cape May County

12/2/08 (Press) Preserving N.J. farmland / Big price, but big plus

11/30/08 (Press) Making recycling work / Empty glass?

11/27/08 (Press) Easements for beach fill project in Strathmere prove tough sell

11/27/08 (Press) County OKs contract for sheriff's officers

11/27/08 (Press) Patrons, fans say goodbye to Stone Harbor hangout

11/26/08 (Press) Alcohol use in sidewalk dining district reconsidered

11/25/08 (Press) Decision on Cape beach access leaves sand plans in limbo

11/25/08 (Press) Affordable-housing requirements / Delay flawed regs

11/24/08 (Press) 24-hour beach access / DEP overreached

11/22/08 (Press) Toll on Cape bridges likely to increase

11/21/08 (Press) Strathmere's bid to leave Upper Township draws objections at final hearing

11/21/08 (Press) Long Beach Township, Surf City get lower flood insurance rates

11/20/08 (Press) Slowdown in realty fees puts severe pinch on Cape May County budget

11/20/08 (Press) 24-hour beaches not DEP's call, court says

11/20/08 (Press) Ocean City considers downtown redevelopment zone

11/19/08 (Press) Dentist indicted on charges of dumping medical waste

11/19/08 (Press) N.J. budget crisis / Share the pain

11/19/08 ( Assistant promoted to top spot at DEP

11/18/08 (Press) New Jersey towns take stand on Verizon's utility poll tax claim

11/18/08 (Press) Avalon charter-boat captain faces $25,000 in fines over striper fishing

11/18/08 ( Governor urged to push back affordable-housing deadline

11/18/08 (Press) Wildwood residents can Google meetings of City Commission

11/16/08 (Herald) County Municipalities Receive $1.373 Million in Transportation Grants

11/14/08 (AP) Verizon decides to stop paying tax on poles, wires

11/14/08 (Press) Yielding to pedestrians / Confusion on the roads

11/13/08 (Press) Beesleys Bridge Co. clears way for takeover

11/13/08 ( Seeking more 'wiggle room' under local tax cap

11/13/08 (Press) N.J. budget shortfall may triple to $1.2B.

11/12/08 (Herald) Sea Isle City's 'Fish Alley' to Get a Sign

11/11/08 (Press) Strathmere's rock wall to cost Upper Township more

11/11/08 (Press) Wildwood needs money to turn tide on flooding

11/10/08 (Press) Cape May's new convention hall / Setting an example

11/7/08 (Press) State refuses to pay for Strathmere rocks Upper Township will get no help from state to pay for $600,000 Strathmere seawall

11/6/08 (Press) Ocean City summer revenues down, but numbers still good, officials say

11/5/08 (Press) When voting, home is where the domicile is

11/4/08 (Press) Sea Isle City approves land-lease deal for new library building

11/4/08 (Press) Cape May to get less sand than expected

11/3/08 (Press) Report cautioned Strathmere on flood risks

10/31/08 (Press) Ocean City won't let sea gulls stand in way of $4.5M. solar array

10/30/08 (Press) New contract lowers starting salary for Ocean City police officers

10/28/08 (Press) State provides $1M. to repair Sea Isle Boulevard Bridge

10/27/08 (Press) Avalon study could settle great sand-raking debate

10/27/08 (Press) Year after name change, it's still 'Burdette' to some

10/26/08 (Press) Upper Twp. answers call for shore protection in Strathmere

10/26/08 (Press) Sea Isle City's spookier side

10/26/08 (Press) State Ballot Question No. 1 / Vote yes

10/26/08 (Press) State Ballot Question No. 2 / Vote yes

10/25/08 (Phila Inquirer) As Strathmere readies for storm, larger issues loom

10/24/08 (Press) Presidential disaster aid sought for Strathmere

10/23/08 (Press) Sea Isle City board delays meeting on sewer assessments

10/23/08 (Press) Upper Twp. plans boulder barrier

10/22/08 (Press) Mainland residents want to keep Strathmere in Upper Twp.

10/21/08 (Press) Upper Township OKs $300K for emergency Strathmere storm wall

10/21/08 (Press) Upper Township to hold emergency meeting over Strathmere storm erosion

10/20/08 (Press) Steel wall fails to stop floods in Strathmere

10/20/08 ( New Jersey's pension funds lost $5.3B in September - Breaking News From New Jersey

10/16/08 (Press) Easements a hard concept for some property owners in Strathmere

10/11/08 (Press) Authorities pass toll hikes on state's major highways

10/10/08 (Press) Avalon Library becoming community center

10/10/08 (Press) DEP doing some birdwatching

10/10/08 (Press) Verizon begins offering FiOS TV in Vineland

10/8/08 (Press) Ocean City court had 72 percent more criminal cases this past summer

10/8/08 (Press) Stone Harbor OKs bikes, skateboards downtown during summer months

10/7/08 (Press) Study to look at savings from merging courts in Sea Isle, Ocean City

10/7/08 (Press) US trying new beach replenishment approach in NJ

10/7/08 (Press) Beach replenishment at Holgate / A line in the sand

10/6/08 (Press) Harborfest draws tons of bodies, antennae and claws

10/6/08 (Press) Corzine wants to triple NJ wind power goals for 2020

10/5/08 (Press) Toll hikes and public anger / Were officials listening? Well ... maybe

10/4/08 (Press) New Jersey grants Garden State Offshore Energy to build wind farm off Avalon

10/4/08 (Press) Former Sea Isle cop gets PTI in urine-switching case

10/3/08 (Herald) Garden State Edges Fishermen, Wins BPU Offshore Wind Grant

10/3/08 (Press) PSE&G team wins contract for first ocean wind farm off NJ coast

10/3/08 (Press) Legislators tour shore, hear pitch for more tourism funds

10/3/08 (Press) Modest pension reforms / Cool the union outrage

10/3/08 (Herald) Cape May County’s Suicide Rate Tops State

10/2/08 (Press) Local governments and economy / Start cutting now

10/2/08 (Press) Route 49 bridge closed

10/1/08 (Press) Sea Isle anticipates tax hike in 2009

10/1/08 (Press) Contaminants may delay Sea Isle library

10/1/08 (Press) Harborfest to offer flavor of Sea Isle

10/1/08 (Press) Aerial technology for assessments / Don't ground it

9/30/08 (Herald) Tax Rates: Wildwood Highest, Avalon Lowest

9/30/08 (Press) Sea Isle, Ocean City to study court merger

9/30/08 (Press) Corzine's pay-to-play reform / A little late, but solid

9/29/08 (Press) Taxes could get sky-high with aerial technology

9/29/08 (Press) Pictometry's value changes according to viewer's angle

9/28/08 (Press) Coastal wind farm project means jobs, investor tells fishermen


9/28/08 ( Storm Brings Erosion To Jersey Shore

9/27/08 (Press) Storms eat away at Strathmere

9/27/08 (Press) Sea Isle church celebrates 125 years

9/26/08 (Press) Court bars lowering of NJ shore dunes

9/26/08 (Press)  County plans $1.2M. upgrade of Crest branch library

9/26/08 (Herald) State Urges Motorists to Beware Deer on Roads

9/25/08 (Press) Land swap proposed to help save Strathmere

9/25/08 (Press) County bridges to undergo repairs in coming months

9/25/08 (Press) Corzine rolls out 'closing step' in ethics overhaul

9/25/08 (Press) Ocean City Council must decide: Fix or replace Boardwalk

9/24/08 (Press) Emergency-evacuation plan includes parkway reverse-lane strategy

9/24/08 (Herald) County Crime Doesn’t Follow State Trend

9/24/08 (Press) Emergency ice situation very fluid in Texas

9/23/08 (Press) The cheapest beachfronts around

9/23/08 (Press) Census supports feeling New Jersey 'Cost of living is out of control'

9/22/08 (Press) Appellate Court Hears Avalon vs. DEP Suit  [video]

9/21/08 (Herald) Shoulder season is just ahead

9/19/08 (Press) Woodbine's Sea Isle Ice Co. is sending tons of ice to Ike victims

9/19/08 (Press) Firetruck purchases / Alarming report

9/18/08 (Press) Trucks loaded with ice heading from Woodbine to victims of Ike

9/18/08 (Press) High price of gas keeps bands from Ocean City parade; annual festival canceled

9/17/08 (Press) Sea Isle amusement park idea throws some for a loop

9/17/08 (Press) Ocean City police to start K-9 unit, motorcycle patrol

9/16/08 (Press) Mainland residents to have say on Strathmere

9/15/08 (Press) Local issues on radar as New Jersey Legislature reconvenes

9/15/08 (Press) Solar power in N.J. / Rebates can't sustain alternative energy

9/14/08 (Press) Lawmakers, drivers vent over Garden State Parkway, Atlantic City Expressway toll hikes

9/14/08 (Press) First, do no harm

9/13/08 (Herald) Sun Shines on Sea Isle City's 19th Fall Family Festival

9/13/08 Press) Lane to close on Route 52 causeway

9/12/08 (Press) $17 million beach cleanup / What a mess

9/11/08 (Press) Sea Isle lessens burden of belated sewer bills

9/11/08 (Press) N.J.'s clean-elections program / Scrapped for now

9/10/08 (Press) Sea Isle makes pitch for sand

9/10/08 (Press) New toll-hike plan / Modest, but incomplete

9/10/08 (Press) Cape May sand to be trucked in

9/10/08 (Press) Another day down the drain

9/9/08 (Herald) County Clerk Tells Freeholders 9,000 County Residents Got Voter Registration Letter

9/9/08 (Herald) Sea Isle City’s Knights of Columbus Announces $10,000 Winner at Annual Gala

9/6/08 (Herald) Tropical Storm Hanna-Related Updates

9/5/08 (Herald) Pa. Dentist Charged with Dumping Medical Waste that Washed Up in Avalon

9/5/08 (Press) Entire NJ coast under tropical storm watch with 2 more storms to follow

9/5/08 (Herald) County Prosecutor, N.J. Attorney General Set Conference on Beachfront Medical Waste

9/5/08 (Press) Eminent domain / Sometimes, it's right

9/4/08 ( Dentist Suspect In Avalon Waste Dumping Case

9/4/08 (Herald) Dentist Arrested for Medical Waste Dumping off Avalon?

9/4/08 (Press) Kennedy probe cost Sea Isle City $300,000

9/4/08 (Herald) Sea Isle City North Enders Feel Flushed Without Sewers

9/4/08 (Herald) Lautenberg Wants Corps of Engineers to Investigate Spinal Cord Injuries

9/4/08 (Press) Lautenberg calls for investigation of injuries on Cape May beaches

9/4/08 (Press) Rules gone amok?  [Affordable housing rules]

9/3/08 ( Shore Homeowners May Face Decade-Old Sewer Charges

9/2/08 (Press) Cape beaches debris-free Labor Day

8/30/08 (Press) Coast is clear as Ocean City and other Cape May County beaches reopen

8/30/08 (Press) Southern beaches hope to stay open

8/30/08 (Press) Closed beaches in Ocean City, Avalon only minor annoyance to most

8/30/08 (Press) Group lobbying state to save former Ponderlodge buildings

8/29/08 (Press) Medical waste in Avalon / The good news

8/27/08 (Press) New Sea Isle police chief lays out departmental policies

8/27/08 (Press) Advocacy group to take part in beach access lawsuit

8/25/08 (Press) Avalon's beaches shut again over waste

8/25/08 (Herald) Tagless Prisoner's Freedom Spree Ends in Sea Isle City

8/23/08 (Press) Sea Isle homeowner billed $11,567 for sewer 15 years after work was done

8/22/08 (Press) Personal watercraft rentals / Crackdown wise

8/22/08 (Press) Stone Harbor officials say increased skunk sightings dont' pass sniff test

8/22/08 (Herald) Demolition or Restoration for Ponderlodge Buildings?

8/21/08 (Press) Strathmere beach project delayed

8/20/08 (Press) Strathmere's lawyer, engineer square off at secession hearing

8/20/08 (Herald) Fatalities Climb; Two-Lane Rt. 47 Is Deadliest Road

8/16/08 (Press) Lack of fluoride in Sea Isle water has some gritting their teeth

8/14/08 ( Which parts of Jersey will be smacked hardest by a storm?

8/13/08 (Press) Speed limit for boats is overdue

8/13/08 (Press) Cape May playing beat the clock on COAH fee

8/12/08 (Press) Upper Township approves use of eminent domain for Strathmere beach fill

8/10/08 (Press) State's transportation needs / New plan is coming

8/8/08 (Herald) County to Join Avalon Suit Against DEP

8/8/08 (Herald) County Cold Case Investigation Hindered by DNA Backlog

8/7/08 (Herald) County’s Homeland Becomes $600,000 More Secure

8/7/08 (Press) State room tax / A matter of fairness

8/7/08 (Courier-Post) Shore businesses stay afloat

8/7/08 (Press) Hiring of Ocean City communications director riles unions

8/6/08 (Press) Pa. man indicted in Sea Isle City bias crime

8/6/08 (Herald) Appeals Court Dismisses Avalon Dunes Appeal Despite DEP Blunders

8/6/08 (Press) Ocean City wants more sand to bolster south-end beaches

8/6/08 (Herald) Governor Signs Law Renaming Route 9 in County 'Police Unity Tour Memorial Highway' | Cape May County Herald

8/5/08 (Herald) D’Intino Sworn as Sea Isle City Chief of Police

8/5/08 (Press) County rethinks moving library

8/5/08 (Press) Fee for new development / Questionable timing

8/5/08 (Herald) County Sets Hearing for Grant Funds 

8/3/08 (Press) Cape May County third in nation for population loss

8/2/08 (Herald) County Government on TV Aug. 3

8/2/08 (Herald) Summertime at the Seashore

8/1/08 (Press) First District lawmakers back local group's windmill plan

8/1/08 (Herald) House Approves $8.4 Million for 177th Fighter Wing

7/31/08 (Herald) Are Sun, Age Factors in Top Cancer Rate?

7/31/08 (Press) State extends review period for offshore windmill project

7/31/08 (Herald) Van Drew, Legislators Endorse Offshore Wind Turbine Project

7/29/08 (Press) Wildwood commissioner to make recordings of meetings available to the public

7/29/08 (Press) Easements may not come easily for Strathmere beach-fill project

7/29/08 (Herald) Will DEP Kill Cape Island Wind Turbines?

7/28/08 (Herald) Focus on Shore Evacuation: Van Drew Unveils Legislation

7/28/08 (Press) Court rules elected officials should oversee prosecutor crime-busting costs 

7/24/08 (Press) Coastal evacuation addressed in 10 new bills

7/24/08 (Herald) Supreme Court Rules Kennedy’s Removal From School Board OK

7/23/08 (Press) Sea Isle City plans to renovate marina, build walkway

7/23/08 (Herald) Stone Harbor Joins Avalon Versus DEP

7/22/08 (Press) Strathmere's complaints not unique, official says

7/18/08 (Press) After stormy time, police in Sea Isle get new chief

7/16/08 (Herald) County, AFSCME Sign 4-Year Pact; Pay Hikes Begin

7/15/08 (Press) B.L England power plant to get $204M. upgrade

7/15/08 (Press) Harvey Cedars considers allowing eminent domain for beach replenishment

7/14/08 (Press) State assemblyman's impossible dream: Free beach tags for all

7/14/08 (Herald) Menendez: Coastal Drilling Won't Cut Gas Prices

7/11/08 (Press) Population changes for local towns: These charts show estimated population gains and losses since 2000 for area municipalities.

[posted 7/11/08] 6/27/08 (NY Times)  Havens - Sea Isle City, N.J. - All About Families, Generation After Generation

7/11/08 (Press) Teens face curfew in Avalon

7/11/08 (Herald) Riding a Bike to Save Money? State Says to Be Careful

7/11/08 (Press) Offshore windmills could cover 40 sq. miles

7/10/08 (Press) Local drivers say low-speed vehicles highly efficient

7/9/08 (Herald) SICTA Survey Rates Sea Isle City’s Municipal Services

7/9/08 (Press) Sea Isle City approves dining on sidewalks, hold the liquor

7/9/08 (Press) Suit leads to cheaper copies in Cape Clerk's Office

7/8/08 (Press) Former Sea Isle City lighthouse building seeks relocation

7/5/08 (Herald) State Public Advocate Releases 3rd Annual Beach Guide

7/4/08 (Press) Strathmere beach fill on hold

7/4/08 (Herald) Maintaining USA’s Waterways, All in a Day's Work

7/3/08 (Star-Ledger/ State releases guide to N.J.'s public beaches

7/3/08 (Press) Decision today on beach fill for Strathmere

7/3/08 (Press) Harvey Cedars gets deal on sand to 'Band-Aid' beach

7/2/08 (Herald) Sea Isle City Works on Filling Potholes

7/2/08 (Herald) Avalon Beach Fill Complete for July 4

7/2/08 (Press) Avalon gets support in beach access suit

7/2/08 (Herald) Spotting Funny Money: Secret Service Trains Eyes in Avalon

7/2/08 (Herald) Avalon Library and Historical Society Museum Prepare for Merger

7/1/08 (Herald) Corzine Signs Budget, Associated Bills, Order Barring Gimmicks

7/1/08 (Herald) NJ Homestead Rebate Applications to Arrive Soon/a>

6/29/08 (Press) Litter at Corson's Inlet State Park / Policy, people, politics

6/26/08 (Press) Prosecutor's office ends monitoring of Sea Isle City Police Department

6/26/08 (Press) State pension reform / Small, welcome step

6/26/08 (Herald) Stone Harbor Council Pens Rules for Dogs on Beaches

6/25/08 (Press) Austere state budget / Marred by borrowing

6/25/08 (Press) You can dine, but not wine on sidewalks in Sea Isle

6/25/08 (Press) Corzine signs early retirement legislation

6/25/08 (Herald) Governor Signs Debt Reduction Bill to Trim State Debt

6/24/08 (Press) Avalon set to begin beach-fill project today

6/24/08 (Herald) Avalon Restricts Residential Water Usage

6/24/08 (Herald) Corzine Pens Retirement Incentive to Cut Workforce by 3,000

6/21/08 (Herald) Take the trolley in Sea Isle City

6/21/08 (Press) New Jersey teachers protest state pension-reform plans

6/20/08 (Press) Avalon clears the way for emergency beach fill

6/20/08 (Herald) Avalon Makes Emergency Beach Replenishment Agreement with DEP

6/19/08 (Press) Stone Harbor to allow dogs on beach

6/19/08 (Press) B.L. England to stop flow of ash into bay

6/19/08 (Herald) Avalon Declares 'Water Emergency;' Enacts Restrictions

6/19/08 (Herald) N.J. Farmers Markets Opening Including Two in County

6/18/08 (Press) State Police commander defends response time of troopers to Strathmere

6/18/08 (Herald) Will High Gas Prices Chase Away Visitors?

6/17/08 (Press) Cape drops lawsuit over Beesleys Point Bridge

6/17/08 (Press) General agreement reached on New Jersey budget

6/13/08 (Press) Is Sea Isle City a party town or family town?

6/11/08 (Press) Now is the time to reform state pensions

6/10/08 (Herald) What Is Your Water’s Source?

6/10/08 (Press) Coastal homes to face harder, costlier time getting insured

6/5/08 (Press) Sea Isle prepares reverse 911 system

6/3/08 (Press) Wetlands Institute's Turtle Patrol interns prepare to hit the streets

6/2/08 (Press) Adler's beach bill / Wrong direction

6/1/08 (Press) NOAA warns N.J. to batten down for 2008 storms

6/1/08 (Press) Group: Dredge sandbar off Ocean City

5/30/08 (Press) Real estate crunch / One bright side

5/30/08 (Press) State law forces Galloway to rescind buyout offer

5/29/08 (Press) Sea Isle City officer hurt in foot chase

5/28/08 (Press) Sea Isle City uncorks plan to boost businesses

5/28/08 (Press) Firm says choosing wind energy should be a breeze

5/28/08 (Press) Attempt to tie city spending to cost of living remains alive

5/26/08 (Herald) What To Do If You Find A Terrapin

5/25/08 (Press) Corzine: Retirements would reshape expensive government

5/23/08 (Press) Ocean City pitches plan to limit size of single-family homes

5/22/08 (Press) Erosion focus at hearing on Strathmere's secession bid

5/22/08 (Press) Cape May proposes offering on-street parking spaces to residents - for a price

5/22/08 (Press) Stone Harbor hoping for beach fill in fall

5/22/08 (Herald) Sea Isle Fatal Crash Marks Third This Year

5/21/08 (Press) O.C. beach project gets bigger

5/21/08 (Press) Master-plan ruling / Lessons from Vineland

5/20/08 (Press) Confidential settlements / Lift the secrecy

5/19/08 (Herald) Sea Isle Citizens Can Sign Up for E-Mail Alerts

5/18/08 (Herald) Cape May Serious about Wind Turbines

5/16/08 (Press) Refusing State Benefits / Only in New Jersey

5/16/08 (Press) Bottle Bill / Poor Timing

5/15/08 (Press) Cape towns count cost of storm

5/14/08 (Press) Storm sends many beaches out to sea

5/14/08 (Press) A tax on water / Let voters decide

5/13/08 (Press) State of emergency declared; schools, roads and bridges close in Cape May County

5/12/08 (Herald) County Declares Limited State of Emergency, Tolls Lifted on Bridges

5/12/08 (Press) Sharing health insurance / A way for towns to save?

5/10/08 (Press) More strength on the bench: New judge assigned to county

5/9/08 (Press) Sea Isle offers buyout to cut work force

5/8/08 (Press) Group forms to promote dialogue about public access, environmental protection

5/8/08 (Herald) Coastal Water Monitor Program Kicks Off May 12

5/8/08 (Herald) County's Criminal Cases to Be Shared; New Judge Starts May 12

5/7/08 (Herald) Cape May Will Test Wind Turbine Use

5/6/08 (Press) State municipal aid / Saner system needed

5/3/08 (Press) Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary opens people path

5/2/08 (Herald) Sea Isle Officials to Pitch Blueprint to AARP

5/1/08 (Press) Strathmere group makes final pitch for secession

5/1/08 (Herald) New Law Library Opening Highlights Law Day

5/1/08 (Press) Public vs. private / Another disconnect

4/29/08 (Press) Section of new Route 52 opens

4/29/08 (Press) Keeping N.J. parks open / Not this way

4/25/08 (Press) Sea Isle City to hold annual beach cleanup

4/25/08 (Press) Ocean City OKs budget that hikes taxes 10 percent

4/24/08 (Press) Property-tax rebates / Reform vs. gimmick

4/23/08 (Press) Beesleys Point Bridge repair plan faces rough road

4/23/08 (Press) Oil prices, eco worries blowing in favor of wind energy

4/23/08 (Press) Ocean City Free Public Library will charge more to non-resident patrons

4/23/08 (Herald) Wii Youth Tournament coming to Sea Isle City

4/22/08 (Press) Sea Isle's suspended police chief would retire under tentative deal

4/21/08 (Bridgeton News) Lighthouse keepers to hold meeting on Ludlam Beach light

4/20/08 (Press) Saving parks, Agriculture Department: Welcome news

4/19/08 (Press) Beaches to get fix for summer, but bigger projects needed

4/18/08 (Press) Ocean City latest to adopt 'reverse 911' phone system

4/16/08 (Herald) Tax rate down in SI after last year's reval

4/16/08 (Herald) SIC police promotions

4/15/08 (Press) Freeholders plan to borrow $2 million to pay for municipal projects

4/15/08 (Herald) Voters Will Head to Polls in School Board Elections

4/15/08 (Herald) County to Take Over Bridge Commission Bookkeeping

4/14/08 (Herald) County Health Dept. Starts Testing for West Nile Virus on April 15

4/9/08 (Herald) Sea Isle Cop Kyle McClory Indicted on Official Misconduct Charge

4/9/08 (Press) Sea Isle police officer indicted

4/9/08 (Herald) AC Electric Ratepayers to Get Credits from B.L. England Sale

4/8/08 (Press) Secession advocates in Upper cite beach

4/4/08 (Press) 21 teens charged in Sea Isle parties

4/3/08 (Press) Beesleys Point Bridge / It's the county's call

4/2/08 (Press) Sea Isle hit by power outage

3/31/08 (Press) RESIDENTIAL WIND TURBINES / Adopt model ordinance

3/30/08 (Press) Local sales, income taxes? / Give towns ways to save

3/29/08 (Press) Environmental testing planned for Cape library site in Sea Isle

3/28/08 (Herald) Sea Isle Puts Teeth in 'Animal House' Law; Landlord Objects

3/26/08 (Press) Sea Isle to install 23 surveillance cameras

3/26/08 (Press) Van Drew, state engineer look for congestion on Route 9

3/25/08 (Herald) Housing Sales Dip Hits County Budget

3/24/08 (Press) Tax boards can't afford cuts, county officials say

3/24/08 (Press) First-floor living space sparks zoning feud in Longport

3/23/08 (Press) New Jersey and universal health care / Nice idea, abysmal timing

3/22/08 (Press) Summer residents may help Stone Harbor get state aid

3/22/08 (Press) Environmentalist champions Cape's trees

3/19/08 (Press) This turkey hears the call of the wild: An off-season vacation in Sea Isle City

3/18/08 (Herald) Mayor, Council President Butt Heads over Budget

3/14/08 (Herald) Transportation Conference Sheds Light on County Projects

3/13/08 (Press) Sea Isle City Council plans to review public work force with eye to saving money

3/13/08 (Press) Corzine talks to N.J. mayors upset over budget cuts

3/13/08 (Press) Strathmere getting its fill

3/12/08 (Press) Project to eliminate parkway traffic lights won't begin until 2011

3/12/08 (Press) Deal pending to fix Beesleys Point Bridge

3/10/08 (Press) Open records law / Comply - or pay

3/9/08 (Press) Offshore wind farms / Time for N.J. to act

3/7/08 (Herald) 1962 Nor'easter Remembered - Through Eyes of a Child

3/7/08 (Press) Part-time work, full benefits / End it now

3/7/08 (Herald) DCA Math Goof Gives Sea Isle City a State Aid Boost for One Day

3/6/08 (Press) Woodbine reeling after loss of almost 70% in state aid

3/6/08 (Press) New Jersey's many small towns in bull's-eye amid cost worries

3/6/08 (Press) CRDA, Catholic-school funding / Slippery slope

3/5/08 (Press) Liability insurance for boaters / Seaworthy idea

3/5/08 (Press) 'Bubble' rec center bursts as funding dropped from bond

3/5/08 (Press) Cape May says feral cats can stay, but they will be fenced in

3/4/08 (Herald) Sea Isle Taxpayers’ Group Calls for City Thrift

3/4/08 (Press) Budget austerity / Two more cuts?

3/4/08 (Press) Large off-shore wind farm proposed 16 miles off Cape May & Atlantic counties

3/4/08 (Herald) Wind Farm Proposed off Cape May County Coast

3/1/08 (Press) Ocean City awards contract for $4M. solar energy project

2/29/08 (Herald) Sea Isle Officials Discuss City’s Capital Plan

2/28/08 (Press) West Cape May budget, future imperiled by state budget cuts

2/27/08 (Herald) Sea Isle: Sea Isle Ambulance Corps All Volunteers 2-27-08

2/27/08 (Press) 'Living beyond our means is over,' Corzine declares

2/27/08 (Press) Sea Isle can give Strathmere better protection, expert says

2/21/08 (Press) Cost of N.J. government / Revisit reforms

2/20/08 (Herald) Desiderio Gets Protection after Death Threat

2/19/08 (Press) Detours ahead as state replaces Route 49 bridge

2/19/08 (Press) County rolls ahead with $2.5M. in zoo projects

2/17/08 (Herald) VIDEO: Thousands Take a Freezing Swim at Sea Isle City’s Annual Polar Bear Plunge

[2/15/08 note: Sadly, the Press has changed their headline storage scheme, meaning that many of the Press links below no longer work.  To retrieve the article, click on the article link and then enter part of the headline into the Press' search box.]

2/15/08 (Press) Mayor files complaint against new solicitor

2/14/08 (Press) Sea Isle City chief likely to be fired, mayor says

2/14/08 (Press) Strathmere residents say police in demand

2/12/08 (Herald) Commission Awards $1.346 Million Contract for Recoat on Corson's Bridge

2/11/08 (Herald) Sea Isle City’s Polar Bear Plunge

2/9/08 (Herald) LoBiondo 'Astonished' Bush Budget Has Zero Funding for Beaches

2/8/08 (Herald) Benson Replaced as Woodbine Solicitor, Prosecutor

2/6/08 (Press) Suspects in Sea Isle beating indicted on bias charge

2/6/08 (Herald) PBS Documentary to Focus on Survival of Red Knot, Horseshoe Crab

1/30/08 (Herald) Bids Being Accepted for Ocean City Beach Replenishment

1/27/08 (Press) New Jersey's industrial past is buried all over - maybe even in your own back yard.

1/25/08 (Press) Eight public jobs clipped as landscaping privatized

1/23/08 (Press) Freeholders introduce $136M. spending plan

1/21/08 (Herald) Chili Festival—Sea Isle's "Super" Bowl

1/20/08 (Press) Corzine pitches toll plan to packed house in Cape May County

1/19/08 (Press) Cape May County budget unable to reduce tax rate this year

1/19/08 (Herald) VIDEO: Corzine Pitches Toll Hike at Middle P.A.C.

1/18/08 (Press) Sea Isle mayor unveils $17.6M. budget, calls for hiring freeze

1/18/08 (Herald) Desiderio Delivers "State of City" Address

1/18/08 (Herald) Noise Violations Will Mean Bonds for Sea Isle City Landlords

1/17/08 (Press) TVs stolen in O.C., Sea Isle

1/17/08 (Press) Few show for hearing on DEP's water-access proposal

1/15/08 (NBC 10) Thieves Steal Flat-Screen TVs From Off-Season Shore Towns

1/16/08 (Press) Sea Isle businesses allowed to have more residential units

1/15/08 (Press) N.J. American Water seeks 23 percent rate hike, 2nd in two years

1/14/08 (Press) DOT plan may boost 3 airports in region

1/12/08 (Press) New bids sought for solar-energy project in O.C.

1/9/08 (Press) State of the State Address / A painful but promising plan

1/9/08 (Press) Bike path to link Ocean City, Atlantic County

1/8/08 (Press) Corzine pitches toll increases on some of nation's busiest roads

1/8/08 (Herald) Corzine's 'State of the State' Address Details Fiscal Woes

1/7/08 (Herald) Sea Isle City TW/TP to organize neighborhood patrols

1/6/08 (Press) Working for New Jersey: An illustration of who taxpayers employ and what they do

1/5/08 (Press) New issue tops off secession debate

1/4/08 (Press) Strathmere homeowners on edge

1/4/08 (Press) Cape home values grow three percent despite nationwide crunch

1/4/08 (Press) Aggressive gulls / Humans to blame

1/2/08 (Herald) Corzine to Pitch Toll Hike Jan. 19 in Court House

1/2/08 (Herald) Freeholders to Reorganize Jan. 4

12/31/07 (Herald) Eleven County Municipalities to Share $1.3 Million in DOT Aid

12/29/07 (Herald) Sea Isle Taxpayers Question Salary Ordinance

12/28/07 (Press) Sea Isle may allow more homes atop businesses

12/28/07 (Press) Lighthouse makeover on track for 2008

12/27/07 (Press) N.J.'s public-records law / Raise hell

12/24/07 (Herald) State Commission Recommends $8.25 Minimum Wage

12/24/07 (Herald) State's November Unemployment Lower Than National Rate

12/22/07 (Press) Lower Township takeover of MUA appears probable

12/21/07 (Press) 'Polar Bear Queen' has no regrets upon retirement

12/20/07 (Herald) Lower to Forge Ahead Dissolving MUA

12/20/07 (Press) Ecotourism ... and nutria / The critter threat

12/19/07 (Press) Investigator tells Sea Isle to fire its police chief

12/19/07 (Herald) Desiderio Applauds Prosecutor’s Move to Monitor Sea Isle Police

12/18/07 (Herald) Prosecutor’s Office to Monitor Sea Isle City Police

12/18/07 (Herald) Tom McCann adds collection to Beach Patrol exhibit

12/16/07 (Press) Host towns get economic boost from people flocking to refuges

12/15/07 (Press) Warming puts local shores at risk

12/15/07 (Press) Cape May Point gets help in holding back the sea

12/12/07 (Herald) Investigator: Charges Warranted Against Chief Kennedy, Dispatcher

12/12/07 (Press) Discipline hearing set for Sea Isle City police chief

12/12/07 (Herald) DOT Preps for Winter Storms: 8 Roads on Cape Affected

12/8/07 (Press) 'Forgotten lighthouse' in Sea Isle City remembered in Nashville,Tenn.

12/7/07 (Herald) Christmas in Sea Isle City

12/7/07 (Press) Zoning change would increase residential units atop businesses

12/5/07 (Herald) Neighborhood Watch Volunteers Sought

12/5/07 (Press) Strathmere: Give us a sea wall

12/4/07 (Herald) Council Approves $105,000 To Fund Geotube Maintenance

11/30/07 (Press) Restraining orders police chief, wife filed are removed

11/28/07 (Herald) Sea Isle City to Meet About Master Plan

11/28/07 (Press) Cause of Sea Isle fire still unknown

11/28/07 (Press) In a bind? County library provides delivery to homebound

11/28/07 (Press) Beach fill biggest item of 2008 capital projects

11/27/07 (Press) Strathmere tries again to depart Upper Township

11/22/07 (Press) State law puts O.C. wi-fi plan on hold

11/22/07 (Press) Ocean City engineer leaves, but ipe controversy remains

11/21/07 (Herald) Prosecutor: Insufficient Evidence on Sea Isle Chief, Responding Officers

11/21/07 (Press) Sea Isle chief cleared of criminality related to wife's restraining order

11/21/07 (Press) Stone Harbor divided over waterfront district plans

11/20/07 (Press) Strathmere vs. Upper / Erosion of trust

11/19/07 (Press) Sea Isle condo fire under investigation

11/18/07 (Press) Officials tour Strathmere's beaches damaged in storm

11/18/07 (Herald) SLIDESHOW: Sea Isle Blaze Levels 6 Condos

11/18/07 (Press) Sea Isle City fire razes six beachfront condos

11/17/07 (Press) County freeholder meetings may soon join your TV lineup

11/17/07 (Herald) County Library Offers Homebound Service

11/15/07 (Press) Beaches to benefit from veto override

11/15/07 (Press) Erosion prompts emergency action

11/14/07 (Press) Strathmere makes second try at secession

11/14/07 (Press) Avalon sues state DEP; calls beach-fund rules 'bureaucratic extortion'

11/13/07 (Herald) Sea Isle Plans Capital Projects

11/13/07 (Press) Eliminating traffic signals / Parkway safety at stake

11/11/07 ( Open records law makes salaries difficult to check

11/10/07 (Press) Stone Harbor signs deal for $4.5M. library

11/9/07 (Press) Parkway plan to remove Cape signals irks residents

11/9/07 (Press) Upper looks for ways to counter erosion in Strathmere

11/9/07 (Press) Merging municipal courts / And give up power?

11/8/07 (Press) Turnpike Authority to present plan for replacing parkway traffic signals

11/8/07 (Herald) Mayor Announces Independent Investigation for Police Chief

11/8/07 (Herald) Lautenberg, Menendez Vote to Override Bush's Veto on Water Bill

11/7/07 (Herald) Sea Isle Police Chief Placed on Paid Leave

11/7/07 (Herald) LoBiondo Votes to Override Bush's Veto of Water Resources Act

11/6/07 (Press) Sea Isle City puts chief on paid leave during probe

11/6/07 (Herald) Seven Towns Report Gang Activity

11/6/07 ( Nine seek to join Main St. program

11/6/07 (Press) Towns favor merger of courts, but still want to name own judges, attorneys

11/6/07 (Tulsa World) Tulsa World: House overrides Bush veto of water resources bill

11/4/07 (Herald) County Loses; Senators Blast Bush over Water Resource Bill Veto

11/2/07 (Herald) VIDEO: Desalination Plants, Waste Water Recharge Are Topics of County Water Supply Study

11/2/07 ( Bush vetoes water projects bill

11/1/07 (Herald) Coastal Trail Renewal Passes House, Awaits Senate

11/1/07 (Press) Clerk schedules hours Saturday to apply for absentee ballots

11/1/07 (Press) Officials say gangs are presence in Cape May County

11/1/07 (Herald) Main Library Branch Slated for New Zoo View?

10/31/07 (Press) Sea Isle City police chief's wife says porn was on his city cell phone

10/31/07 (CMC official press release) Garden State Parkway Interchange 10 Improvements

10/31/07 (Press) Cape May County workers off Black Friday

10/30/07 (Herald) Chief Kennedy Latest in Sea Isle Police Woes

10/30/07 (Press) Section of Ocean Drive gets new seawall

10/30/07 (Herald) VIDEO: County Candidates Speak on Issues

10/30/07 (Herald) Fewer Voters Making Major Choices Nov. 6

10/30/07 (Herald) Group Urges Passage of Ballot Question No. 3

10/27/07 (Press) Sea Isle City picks site for new library

10/27/07 (Press) Two groups vie for vote in battle for, against open-space funds

10/26/07 (Press) Sea Isle chief not permitted to have gun after restraining order

10/26/07 (Herald) Update: Chief Kennedy Still in Charge

10/26/07 (Press) Bridge fixes in Upper Twp. in the slow lane

10/25/07 (Herald) VIDEO: Sea Isle City Police Chief Focus of Emergency Session

10/25/07 (Press) Four Public Questions / Three "no," one "yes"

10/25/07 (Press) Democrats push change; GOP touts status quo

10/24/07 (Herald) Site Selected for Sea Isle Branch Library

10/24/07 (Naples News) WRDA bill reaches White House

10/24/07 (Press) Closed Beeslseys Point Bridge open to political traffic

10/24/07 (Press) Overcrowding at Cape May County jail prompts expansion study

10/24/07 (Press) Ocean Drive Bridge over Great Channel gets state grant

10/23/07 (Herald) VIDEO: Fiscal Mess Topic At First District Debate

10/23/07 (Press) Asselta, Van Drew talk about taxes, immigration

10/22/07 (Herald) League Hosts Candidates' Forum

10/19/07 (Press) State wants towns to submit monthly crime statistics

10/18/07 (Herald) State Report Shows 5 Percent Increase in County Crime

10/18/07 (Press) Ocean City asks state to replenish beach funds after feds decline

10/17/07 (Press) Cut $3 billion in state spending? This certainly will be interesting

10/15/07 (Herald) Troopers head for the beaches in Sea Isle

10/12/07 (Press) New Sea Isle City administrator to start next month

10/10/07 (Press) Children's health insurance / N.J. is no Alabama

10/9/07 (Herald) SIC Library Update

10/7/07 (Press) Cape May-Lewes Ferry / Sailing a fine line

10/5/07 (Press) Sea Isle City mayor will soon nominate new buisness administrator

10/5/07 (Herald) Sea Isle Council to Vote on Administrator

10/2/07 (Press) State gives county money to study 911 consolidation

10/2/07 (Press) Check it out County library branches out to Woodbine

9/28/07 (Press) Sea Isle City to hold town meeting

9/28/07 (Press) Too much of a good thing Army Corps to remove sand from Cape May Point beaches

9/28/07 (Press) Barrier-island traffic / Take a cart

9/27/07 (Press) Strathmere secession would be taxing for Upper

9/27/07 (Herald) Sea Isle Considers Applying for ‘Main Street’ Designation

9/26/07 (Press) In case of hurricane, scram

9/26/07 (All American Patriots) Lautenberg, Menendez Praise Passage of Water Resources Development Act

9/22/07 (Press) Cop accused in drug-test fraud suspended without pay

9/21/07 (Press) Rookie Sea Isle City police officer allegedly used his urine to help another city worker pass a drug test

9/19/07 (Press) Resident petition is official: Strathmere wants out

9/15/07 (Herald) Sea Isle Families Flock to Festival

9/15/07 (Press) Somers Point backs county Beesleys Point Bridge plan

9/14/07 (Press) Democrats fault evacuation plans

9/14/07 (Press) Court rejects spending limits set by taxpayers

9/13/07 (Press) Sea Isle narrows search for new city administrator

9/12/07 (Herald) Desiderio to Run GOP Campaign

9/11/07 (Press) One lane about to close on Route 52 causeway

9/11/07 (Press) Zoological Society wants center at county zoo for stranded seals

9/10/07 (FL Herald Tribune) President Bush to veto a bill containing beach renourishment funds

9/8/07 (Press) County offers new library buildings and an incentive

9/8/07 (Press) Woodbine gets the word  [on library branch]

9/8/07 (Herald) Dad Renews Parkway Protests for Warnings, Enforcement

9/5/07 (Herald) Laud Sea Isle City Guards for Life Saved

9/5/07 (Herald) Ban Dual Office Holding

9/1/07 (Press) Avalon asks for approval for 2 dredging projects

8/31/07 (Herald) County’s Library Offer Gets Lukewarm Sea Isle Reception

8/29/07 (Press) Homeland Security funds tripled for county

8/29/07 (Herald) Will Seven Mile Beach, Sea Isle City Turn on TVTN?

8/27/07 (Press) Residents show distrust for toll hikes

8/26/07 (Courier Post) Strathmere says it gets bum deal

8/26/07 (Press) O.C. to host hurricane forum

8/24/07 (Herald) County Eyes $550G in Homeland Security Funds

8/24/07 (Press) Stone Harbor surveys aim at shaping plan for future

8/24/07 (Herald) LoBiondo Lauded by Environmental Group

8/23/07 (Herald) County Anticipates Beesley's Point Bridge Deal

8/23/07 (Press) Cape May hikes fee to park in 2008

[added 9/16] 8/22/07 (Herald) 1821: Cat 4 hurricane hits coast

8/22/07 (Press) State asks counties to check bridge data

8/19/07 (Inquirer) On the books, an embarrassment of riches - A tax law overfunds some N.J. libraries even as others struggle

8/18/07 (Press) County reinforces no-pesticides rule where kids play

8/17/07 (Press) Security cameras planned at 3 sites in Cape town

8/15/07 (Press) County plans to borrow $17.7M. to fix bridges

8/15/07 (Press) Asselta, Donohue talk tough on illegals

8/14/07 (Herald) Impaired Driving Crackdown in Sea Isle

8/9/07 (Herald) Many State Bridges 'Structurally Deficient,' but Not 'Unsafe'

8/8/07 (Herald) Sea Isle City: 8.08.07: Looking forward to winter months in Sea Isle

8/8/07 (Herald) CG: Route 52 Bridge to Ocean City Closed Due to Heat Expansion

8/8/07 (Herald) Atlantic City Electric Cuts Voltage, Asks Patrons to Conserve

8/7/07 (Herald) Bike auction in Sea Isle City

8/5/07 (Herald) Sea Isle City Beach Rebuilding Funds Secured

8/5/07 (Press) DETERIORATING BRIDGES / No shortage of blame

8/4/07 (Press) More vessels to be added to local artificial reefs

8/3/07 (Herald) Gov. Orders D.O.T. Study of All Bridges

8/2/07 (Herald) County Audit: Main Library Branch Not 'Keeping the Books'

8/2/07 (Herald) Feds May Require Boat Operator License

8/2/07 (Herald) Cape May Point School District Won't Be Dissolved, Says Commissioner

8/1/07 (Congressional Quarterly) Veto Threat Unlikely to Deter Final Action on Water Resources Measure

7/31/07 (Herald) Local Governments Close to Fully Funding Pension Systems

7/31/07 (Herald) New Spot for Sea Isle Tots?

7/30/07 (Press) Tourism ambassadors know where it's at in Atlantic City

7/29/07 (Press) Dredge spoils could become terrapin nursery in Cape May County

7/28/07 (Press) Dems want more debates; Republicans stick with one

7/28/07 (Press) Long-distance runner completes Philadelphia to Sea Isle City trek

7/27/07 (NY Times) A Beach Town Without the Tilt-a-Whirl

7/25/07 (Press) MORE SUBWAY CARS FOR THE SEA? End dumping program

7/25/07 (Press) Local couple leads ‘Bibles and Bagels’ on Sea Isle City beach

7/24/07 (Press) Asselta, Upper can’t bridge differences on Beesleys Point

7/22/07 ( Beach of the future: A whole new way to surf, and more

7/21/07 (Press) Beesleys Point Bridge plan politically charged

7/21/07 (Press) Ocean off N.J. likely to be last stop for subway cars

7/18/07 (Herald) Sea Isle Council Holds First Regular Meeting

7/18/07 (Herald) SIC Department Heads Named

7/18/07 (Herald) County to fund new library

7/18/07 (Herald) County, Municipalities Land DCA Grants

7/17/07 (Press) Upper prepares for fight to keep Strathmere

7/16/07 (Herald) Sea Isle City Mayor Announces New Library Deal

7/15/07 (Press) Sea Isle City becomes rugby hotbed for a day

7/1/07 (Herald) Sea Isle City: 7.11.07: It's up to you

7/11/07 (Press) County plans branch libraries in Sea Isle City, Stone Harbor

7/8/07 (Press) Coast Guard auxiliary: Keep program afloat

7/7/07 (Press) Trailers on oceanfront are rare, until you get to Strathmere

7/5/07 (Press) Strathmere group holds July Fourth tax protest

7/5/07 (Herald) Work Longer to Fund Government

7/4/07 (Press) Driving at the shore - now who is the worst of all?

7/3/07 (Herald) Sea Isle City Changes Form of Government

7/3/07 (Press) New Sea Isle Council takes oath of office

6/30/07 (Press) County gets grant for public records

6/29/07 (Herald) County Awarded $1.23-Million PARIS Grant

6/29/07 (Herald) State, Local Officials Gather to Begin Work on Special Needs Registry | Cape May County Herald

6/29/07 (Press) Want sand in your shoes? Check beach guide first

6/28/07 (Press) Sea Isle commission makes geotube sand last item of business

6/28/07 (Press) LoBiondo includes mercury study in bill

6/23/07 (Press) Cape May prosecutor's staffing level on hold for report

6/22/07 (Press) HOW DID THEY VOTE?

6/22/07 (Press) Bill to end dual office holding gets OK

6/22/07 (Press) $33.5 billion budget, with no new taxes, goes to Corzine

6/21/07 (Herald) Odd Skeeter Will Be Biting

6/21/07 (Herald) State’s West Nile Virus Season Starts

6/21/07 (Press) Panel wants facts on cats' impact on piping plover

6/21/07 (Press) Sea Isle residents' lot battle near end

6/20/07 (Herald) State, Sea Isle City Settle Deed Fiasco

6/20/07 (Press) State deal grants Sea Isle title to 8 disputed homes

6/20/07 (SJ News Online) State settles Sea Isle deed issue, gets protection for dunes and wetlands - Gloucester Co. Times Updates

6/20/07 (Herald) County Beach Conference: Fish, Water, Funding

6/18/07 ( Disappearing Beaches A Major Shore Concern

6/16/07 (Press) O.C. decides to use tropical hardwood on Boardwalk

6/14/07 (Press) Green groups want more greenbacks for state fund

6/13/07 (Herald) Beach tags not free July 4 in SIC

6/13/07 (Herald) Council-elect discusses SIC municipal code

6/13/07 (Herald)TI Civic Ctr needs new roof, public's help

6/13/07 (Herald) Landfill expands


6/13/07 (Herald) Wal-Mart Opens Rio Grande Store

6/13/07 (Herald) DEP considers 80 offshore windmills

6/12/07 (Press) Assembly passes ban on holding two offices

6/12/07 (Press) County considers building new library at zoo

6/11/07 (Press) AMUSEMENT-PARK TAX

6/8/07 (Press) Cape panel would run Beesleys bridge — if it reopens

6/7/07 (Press) Proposed amusement-park tax fails to amuse

6/6/07 (Herald) Hurricane Coming? It’ll Take 36 Hours to Flee

6/6/07 (Herald) SIC's Memorial Day Weekend more civilized

6/6/07 (Herald) Towns get fair share of county pie

6/6/07 (Press) Towns say they can't take over EPA water testing

6/6/07 (Press) 2007 Election results

6/5/07 (Press) Sea Isle Council-elect holds public workshop

6/3/07 (Press) DUAL-OFFICE-HOLDING BAN: Weak, but better than nothing

6/2/07 (Press) County seeking grant for study of emergency communications

5/31/07 (Press) Outgoing O.C. official urges better disaster readiness

5/29/07 (Courier Post) Beach replenishment again has blessing of Congress, not Bush

5/29/07 (Press) TOLL-ROAD DEBATE

5/28/07 ( Segway Offers Beach Goers A New Way To Travel

5/26/07 (Press) County offers beach guide for people with disabilities

5/23/07 (Herald) Municipal, school budgets passed

5/23/07 (Herald) Police chief loses school board appeal


5/18/07 (Press) Barrier islands consider sharing cable TV channel

5/17/07 (Senator Lautenberg press release) Lautenberg, Menendez Praise Senate Passage of Water Resources Development Act

5/16/07 (Herald) SIC election

5/16/07 (Herald) A Passive Park

5/16/07 (Press) Sea Isle City wants discount on flood-insurance premiums

5/15/07 (Press) Upper says Strathmere secession bid baffling

5/14/07 (Press) Strathmere citizens group votes to sever link with Upper

5/14/07 (Press) Fence goes up to cut down on turtle deaths

5/11/07 (Press) Where is N.J.'s eminent-domain reform?

5/11/07 (Press) Resident seeks hearing on beach replenish project

5/10/07 (Press) County will fight ruling to hike pay

5/9/07 (Press) Desiderio mayor of Sea Isle City's new government

5/9/07 (Press) Unofficial election results

5/9/07 (Herald) Va. Sea Drilling Hits Opposition  " ... offshore drilling less than 100 miles from Cape May County’s coastal communities."

5/8/07 (Press) Freeholders to continue funding municipal projects through bond

5/8/07 (Press) Sea Isle election may depend on provisional ballots

5/7/07 (Press) Residency key in Cape to securing voter rights

5/7/07 (Press) Watch for the new tram car, please

5/5/07 (Press) Sea Isle awards paving contract


5/3/07 (OC Sentinel) Deaney starts as SIC's interim business mgr on May 7

5/2/07 (Herald) Global warming may take 240 feet of coastline

5/2/07 (Herald) In property tax appeals, your key strength is knowledge

5/1/07 (Press) Three seek post of mayor under new government


4/29/07 (Press) Shore areas can't handle evacuation, officials say

4/27/07 (Press) Turnpike Authority paves the way for parkway speed traps

4/26/07 (Press) Home is where the domicile is

4/26/07 (Gazette) Passive Park committee formed to plan park in North end

4/25/07 (Herald) Election Board’s Returned Mail Hiked ‘Red Flag’ Over Domicile

4/25/07 (Community News) North End passive concept gets a thumbs up

4/25/07 (Press) Homeowners' title troubles may be near end in Cape

4/25/07 (Press) Sea Isle settles in 47th Place land battle

4/24/07 (Press) Father, lawmaker renew calls for parkway traffic-signal warning signs

4/21/07 (Press) Stone Harbor voters to decide $6M. bond

4/19/07 (Herald) House OKs $136M for Sea Isle Beach Replenishment

4/19/07 (Press) Absentee-ballot applications misdirected

4/19/07 (Press) Federal plan would fund purchase of coastal lands

4/18/07 (Press) County review denies 38 voter registrations in Wildwood  [2 in SIC]

4/18/07 (Herald) SIC voters query council candidates

4/17/07 (Press) Bridge report pleases Upper Twp. officials

4/14/07 (Press) Sea Isle officer gets pre-trial program

4/13/07 (Press) Illuminating history; Local man heads project to refurbish Sea Isle City lighthouse

4/13/07 (Press) Avalon to truck in sand for northern beaches next week

4/12/07 (Herald) Army to Transport VX Waste to Texas

4/11/07 (Press) Cape voters are asked to show residency

4/11/07 (Press) Beesleys Point Bridge needs $20M. to reopen, lawmaker says

4/11/07 (Herald) DEP Was Wrong; MUA Stands Tall

4/10/07 (Press) 2 Democrats to challenge incumbents for freeholder

4/10/07 (Herald) Van Drew Talks With Corzine About Bridge

4/7/07 (Herald) LoBiondo Joins Bill Aimed at Smuggling Aliens by Sea

4/7/07 (Press) Trash will mean cash at Cape MUA methane plant

4/5/07 (Press) Asselta: Open Beesleys Point Bridge

4/4/07 (Press) Property tax checks coming in October

4/4/07 (Press) Sea Isle City's troubles at 47th Place

4/4/07 (Herald) Sea Isle City Easter Egg Hunt video

4/4/07 (Herald) Avalon and Stone Harbor school budget and tax news

4/4/07 (Herald) Mosquito control notice

4/3/07 (Herald) New Tax Law Targets Small School Districts

4/3/07 (Herald) Corzine Pens Property Tax Reform

4/3/07 (Press) Bye bye, Burdette: Hospital has new name

4/2/07 (Herald) Hospital’s Name to Change

3/31/07 (Press) Pile-driving ban splits Ocean City Council

3/29/07 (OC Sentinel) Municipal Election Notice

3/29/07 (OC Sentinel) Notice of Registry and Election

3/29/07 (Press) Wider parkway, no interchanges

3/29/07 (Press) Van Drew may challenge Asselta for state Senate

3/28/07 (Herald) SICTA meets SIC mayoral candidates

3/27/07 (Press) Sea Isle City budgets for added cost of new government

3/27/07 (Press) Upper Township to pay O.C. Fire Department for Strathmere service

3/27/07 (Press) Open-space plan would mark $175M. annually

3/25/07 (Press) Full-time lawmakers? Kill the idea quickly

3/23/07 (Press) Candidates egged on in Sea Isle City

3/23/07 (Herald) March 27 Voter Registration Deadline Nears

3/23/07 (Press) Avalon's Planning

3/21/07 (Herald) SIC budget, taxes up almost 8%

3/21/07 (Herald) Candidate forum set in SIC  [Note: outside moderator.]

3/21/07 (Herald) Candidates abound for SIC election

3/21/07 (Herald) Interim school supt. Monillas accepts post in Bordentown

3/21/07 (Herald) Landfill’s Methane Generates Electricity

3/21/07 (Herald) Sea Isle City's St. Patrick's Day Parade video

3/21/07 (Press) Primary slates are uncrowded field so far

3/20/07 (Press) City Hall won't hold candidates drawing for ballot position in Sea Isle

3/20/07 (Press) Cape May tries to draw students from other towns

3/20/07 (Press) Avalon planning reaps premium

3/19/07 (Herald) State Attorney General Will Visit Court House

3/19/07 (Herald) County Schedules Planning Meeting

3/17/07 (Press) Ocean City moves forward with ethics commission plan

3/16/07 (Press) List of SIC candidates for mayor and council

3/16/06 (Press) Cornucopia of candidates in Sea Isle

3/16/07 (Press) Sea Isle cop pleads not guilty to falsifying evidence

3/16/07 (Press) Federal bill to fund Sea Isle, Upper beach work heads to House vote  [See WRDA info at left.]

3/15/07 (Congressman LoBiondo press release) LoBiondo Secures Numerous Provisions Critical to South Jersey Coastal Communities & Waterways  [See WRDA info at left.]

3/15/07 (Press) Ocean City waits for word on beach-fill funds

3/15/07 (Herald) Rename Route 9 for Police Unity Tour?

3/15/07 (Herald) County Schools Supt. Monillas to Depart 

3/14/07 (Herald) Is County Taken for Granted? Transportation Conference Finds: ‘Yes’

3/14/07 (Herald) Closed Since June 2004, Bridge Elicits Variety of Responses from Officials

3/14/07 (Press) Last homeowner at 47th Place asks Sea Isle City's help to clear title

3/8/07 (Press) N.J. court affirms right to videotape meetings

3/8/07 (Press) Southern Cape towns hope to net tourists with WiFi

Polar Bear Plunge Queen 3/7/07 (Herald) Polar Bear Plunge Queen

3/7/07 (Herald) County schools get state aid increase of 3% or more

3/7/07 (Press) Beesleys Point Bridge, parkway signals focus of county meeting

3/7/07 (Press) Community organizes to restore Townsends Inlet Civic Center

3/7/07 (Herald) Freeholders OK $133M Budget; Tax Rate Drops

3/7/07 (Press) Videotaping government meetings — a tale of two cities

3/7/07 (Herald) Winning Ticket Sold in Woodbine

3/7/07 (Herald) Top NJ Court: Citizens May Videotape Meetings

3/7/07 (Herald) Free, Wireless Internet Proposed for Cape Island

3/6/07 (Press) But volunteers needed to keep it

3/3/07 (Press) He wanted riches, but invested his life in helping his town

3/2/07 (Press) Sea Isle may hire administrator to ease government transition

3/1/07 (Press) Selling State Roads

3/1/07 (Press) Key to building $400M. road? ORGANIZATION

3/1/07 (Press) Stone Harbor's free parking may soon be fee parking

3/1/07 (OC Sentinel) Candidates set for local school boards

2/28/07 (Herald) Candidates file for school board races

2/28/07 (Herald) No tax hike in N. Wildwood

2/28/07 (Herald) Solicitor details SIC landscape law

2/28/07 (Press) Many claims on county budget

2/28/07 (Herald) Tech’s Teachers Win Wage Boost

2/28/07 (Herald) Aging Airport Pollution Suit Nears an End

2/28/07 (Press) Sierra Club Committee taking shape in county

2/25/07 (Press) Corzine's Budget Plan

2/22/07 (Herald) Gov. Corzine's Budget Has More Aid, Tax Relief

2/22/07 (Press) Corzine, union agree on contract

2/22/07 (Press) Developing... Corzine budget offers tax relief, hold on asset sales

2/22/07 (Press) Ocean City wants room tax for condos

2/21/07 (Herald) SIC police officer indicted

2/21/07 (Herald) Now is the time to run for your local school board

2/21/07 (Herald) 5 of 19 running so far for SIC seats

2/21/07 (Herald) Will Passive Park Take Landfill’s Spot?

2/21/07 (Herald) Beesley’s Bridge Closing Detours Through Court

2/21/07 (Press) Rage over high property taxes sparks forum in Strathmere

2/20/07 (Herald) Corson’s Inlet Bridge Closing for Fix

2/20/07 (Press) Officials to close Corsons Inlet Bridge temporarily for repairs

2/19/07 (Press) A creek, a borough, a vision

2/18/07 (Press) Chillin' at the beach

2/18/07 (Press) Beesleys Point Bridge stuck in limbo

2/17/07 (Press) Avalon says keep off the rocks

2/16/07 (Press) Sea Isle homeowners eager to end dispute over property titles

2/15/07 (OC Sentinel) Feasibility on future of district coming in March, too late for budget

2/14/07 (Herald) Time for SIC to move forward [2 pages]

2/14/07 (Herald) Cell Phone Antenna Ups, Downs - On Hold in Sea Isle City; Approved in Stone Harbor

2/14/07 (Press) Coast is clear, O.C. Realtors tell TV viewers

2/14/07 (Press) Sea Isle officer faces charge of faking evidence

2/11/07 (Herald) Cape May Trolley Service Seeks Support 

2/11/07 (Press) Disappointing property-tax ‘reform': The blame is shared 

2/9/07 (Press) County library tries to net young readers

2/9/07 (Press) B.L. England power plant sold ["It regularly ranks year to year as one of the single-biggest sources of air and water pollution in southern New Jersey, according to state records."]

2/9/07 (Press) Legislators lobby for local projects with Army Corps

2/9/07 (Press) O.C. seeks new way to surf at beach (wireless 'Net access)

2/8/07 (OC Sentinel) SIC child study leader quits

2/7/07 (Press) 2006 school report cards show results for all grades 3-8

2/7/07 (Press) Corzine to get property-tax plan

2/7/07 (Press) Parkway Widening

2/6/07 (Press) N.J. property-tax reform stalls

2/3/07 (Press) Avalon ready to spend $3M. for beach-fill emergency


1/31/07 (Press) Ever fewer volunteer firefighters — start planning now

1/31/07 (Press) N.J. Assembly approves study of evacuation routes for coast


1/31/07 (Herald) Tai Chi assembly mimics creatures

1/31/07 (Herald) Small population has SIC eyeing ways to save

1/30/07 (Press) Couple wants to rebuild Avalon house washed away in '62 storm

1/30/07 (Press) Assembly approves property tax cut

1/25/07 (Press) County to help towns with capital projects


1/24/07 (Herald) County budget up; tax rate cut

1/24/07 (Herald) SIC growth slows

1/24/07 (Herald) At former Trading Post site, parties trade charges (two pages)

1/24/07 (Herald) SIC's pending government form explained

1/24/07 (Herald) County Library offer online library cards

1/21/07 (Press) STUPID LAWMAKER TRICKS: Voting for dollars?

1/21/07 (Press) Shore rentals heat up as home sales cool off

1/19/07 (Herald) Freeholders Approve Budget

1/19/07 (Press) Zoning dispute delays rebuilding of burned-out store in Sea Isle

1/17/07 (Press) FINES FOR FEEDING SEAGULLS? O.C.'s fine idea

1/17/07 (Herald) Fireworks Highlight SIC Recreation

1/17/07 (Herald) Boardwalk Pizzeria Expansion Okayed

1/17/07 (Herald) AARP presents plaque to SIC Ambulance Corps (click pic)

1/17/07 (Press) Interest grows among candidates for new Sea Isle City government

1/16/07 (Press) Freeholders to consider manpower requests as they plan 2007 budget

1/14/07 (Press) N.J. ETHICS REFORM

1/13/07 (Press) Strathmere evacuation plans all wet Strathmere residents say

1/10/07 (Herald) Mayor Desiderio Sworn in as CMC Freeholder (click picture)

1/10/07 (Herald) Keep SIC Clean Campaign Set

1/10/07 (Herald) SIC Reins in Noisy Landlords Note: see the TW/TP page for more details.

1/10/07 (Herald) In Lower, Monzo's Out and Baldini's In

1/10/07 (Press) Cape May acts to increase oversight of manager, departments Note: SIC will hire a business mgr.

1/10/07 (Press) Corzine's words were on target. Now, let's see action

1/6/07 (Press) Sea Isle sets meeting to explain change of government

1/5/07 (Press) Fewer properties change hands in county as market cools

1/4/07 (OC Sentinel) Senate bill to create county-wide school district (three pages)

1/4/07 (Press) No one on board for county school district in Cape

1/3/07 (Herald) SICTA questions SIC salaries

1/3/07 (Press) Dennis Twp. appoints business administrator Note: SIC will hire a business mgr.

1/3/07 (Press) Lower Republicans to switch attorneys

12/29/06 (Press) Group funds Cape evacuation study

12/20/06 (Press) Charges against student dropped in Sea Isle attack

12/19/06 (Press) Cape officer suspended after misconduct arrest

12/16/06 (Press) Sea Isle officer charged with faking evidence in DWI arrest

12/14/06 (OC Sentinel) SIC proposes ordinance to make isle greener

12/14/06 (OC Sentinel) Editorial re: OC Library funding
Note: SIC taxpayers contribute $1.24M to the CMC Library system.

12/13/06 (Herald) Commingled Recycling Drop Will Cut Rate

12/8/06 (Press) County intends to phase in hybrid vehicles

12/6/06 (Herald) Desiderio Asking $2M to Begin Waterfront Park at JFK

12/6/06 (Herald) County Has State’s Lowest Property Tax Rate

11/29/06 (Press) County takes the high road in Sea Isle Boulevard plan

11/15/06 (Press) Spirit willing but knees weak: Sea Isle OKs church elevator

11/12/06 (Press) Group keeps light burning for Sea Isle City beacon

11/9/06 (Press) DEP wants new rules on access to beaches

11/9/06 (Press) Sea Isle change of government approved with high voter turnout

11/1/06 (Herald) SIC Tourism Commission stands by decision

11/1/06 (Herald) SIC puts off open space summons

11/1/06 (Herald) SIC considers amusements under bridge

11/1/06 (Press) Fate of government in Sea Isle City rests with two little words

10/25/06 (Press) Sea Isle officials OK administrator; civic group wants voters to decide

10/21/06 (Press) Sea Isle City to repair geotube to protect Landis Ave. from sea

10/19/06 (OC Sentinel) Panic at the disco?  SIC commissioners act like they're really worried

10/11/06 (Herald) Factions spar in SIC election

9/27/06 (Herald) Judge strikes cost statement

9/23/06 (Press) Judge removes tax reference

9/14/06 (Press) Sea Isle suit asks judge for speedy hearing on wording of referendum

9/13/06 (Herald) Sea Isle City Petitioners Contest Ballot Statement

9/8/06 (Press) War of words begins over ballot question in Sea Isle City

8/30/06 (Herald) Change the Form of Government Question to Be on November Ballot in Sea Isle

8/19/06 (Press) Sea Isle City group submits government-change petition

7/30/06 (OC Sentinel) SIC to do Reassessment