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SICTA Public & Board Meeting -- the public is encouraged to attend all SICTA meetings!  Saturday, February 14,  10-11am, SIC Public Library at 48th & Central .   Interested in getting more involved with SICTA?  We would love to chat with you!  Please send an e-mail to
Neat little FEMA tool to easily check your Base Flood Elevation!  FEMA Region II BFE Address Lookup Tool

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We'll be adding some new stuff here soon!  See the archive for many years worth of interesting stuff.

FEMA flood maps and your flood insurance rates!  There is a big storm coming -- and it's very likely going to cause major structural damage to your wallet.  Please visit our FEMA page for complete details.

SIC Facilities discussions!  See the City's 12/10/12 E-Newsletter and 12/8/12 Powerpoint presentation (in .PDF format) for background.  A public workshop meeting was held on December 15, and the topic will also be discussed at the Council meeting on December 27. Tax implications!

City's summary of the outside alcohol ordinance workshop!  Council held a workshop on September 25 to discuss making the outside alcohol rules implemented in February permanent, as well as parking issues.  Their summary.

George Marinari, Jr., passed on July 25.  George's family, SIC, and SICTA's Board of Directors suffered a great loss.  RIP, George.  Obituary.  [Webmaster's note: my fondest memories of George include the times he made me laugh during a boring/contentious/boring-and-contentious meeting.  The only time he wasn't smiling is when he was slipping in a dry "one-liner" bit of humor.]

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