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North End Association / NEWT

As a community service, SICTA is providing the following material for informational purposes only – it does not necessarily represent any of SICTA’s positions.  The North End Association (and its sub-group, NEWT) is a separate and distinct organization, with its own views and membership.  

North End newsletters:  Winter 2010    Spring/Summer 2008    Spring 2008    Fall-winter 2007       Spring-summer 2007
What is the North End Association (and NEWT)?

2009 SIC beach replenishment photos!  Very cool pics.

Passive Park. 
The Steel Pier investors have decided not to pursue an amusement park at the landfill site in the North End.  An alternative use of this area is a Passive Park. 
See the
Planning Board Concept Presentation. 
See some beautiful (and not so beautiful) 
pictures of the current (2006) site. Passive Park Herald article: 2/21/07 (Herald) Will Passive Park Take Landfill’s Spot?
Another interesting "nature" article:
2/19/07 (Press) A creek, a borough, a vision
3/8/07 letter from the South Jersey Economic Development District
Lighthouse article:
4/13/07 (Press) Illuminating history; Local man heads project to refurbish Sea Isle City lighthouse
4/25/07 (Community News) North End passive concept gets a thumbs up
4/26/07 (Gazette) Passive Park committee formed to plan park in North end
5/16/07 (Herald) A Passive Park
[added 6/24]  5th street landfill remediation (possibly a passive park)!  See this interesting presentation from the 4/28 Council workshop.

FEMA Discounts and the Sewer Extension.  If you read the August 2006 SICTA newsletter, you know that Sea Isle City homeowners are missing out on significant discounts on their Federal Flood Insurance because the sewers haven’t been extended from 22nd Street to 1st Street.  Ocean City and Avalon enjoy 15% discounts.  The North End Association is committed to pursuing the sewer extension.

We encourage all SIC homeowners to contact the officials listed below and urge them to assist us in our pursuit.  Here is one set of sample letters, and here is another set.
President of Senate Richard Codey
49 Mount Pleasant Ave
West Orange, NJ 07052
General Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts, Jr.
Route 130 & Browning Rd
Brooklawn, NJ 08030
Governor Jon Corzine
PO Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625
609-292 -825

Beach replenishment.  We urge the citizens and taxpayers of Sea Isle City to come together to preserve and protect our most precious physical asset. 
More information on WRDA and Great Egg Harbor-Townsends Inlet Project.

11/8/07 (Herald) Lautenberg, Menendez Vote to Override Bush's Veto on Water Bill
11/7/07 (Herald) LoBiondo Votes to Override Bush's Veto of Water Resources Act

Join the North End Association!  Membership application.

Contact North End Association or NEWT:
Irene Jameson, Ed.D
North End Association
PO Box 98
Sea Isle City, NJ    [Or e-mail us at]