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Last modified: 02/05/2019 08:01:42 PM

FEMA-Related Topics

Summary of changes effective April 1 2015:
--$25 surcharge for single-family primary residences, $250 surcharge for most other buildings. 
--For multiple unit condos, the new Federal Policy fee per policy is: 1 unit: $45, 2-4 units: $135, 5-10 units: $360, 11-20 units: $720, 21 or more: $1,800.
April 1 2015 changes fact sheet
Impact of changes to the NFIP under Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014
FEMA's flood insurance reform main page -- a good place to visit if you need gory details
Neat little FEMA tool to easily check your Base Flood Elevation!  FEMA Region II BFE Address Lookup Tool

6/19/15 (New York Times) Science Panel Tries to Reinject Reality into Flood Insurance Pricing

The below is an archive detailing the process that resulted in the changes above!

Executive summary Potentially Dramatic Changes in Flood Insurance Rates Are Likely Imminent.  For many of you this may be old news, but new legislation and FEMA changes are likely to have a profound effect on our flood insurance rates in Sea Isle City in the coming years. As the Press of Atlantic City reported “The Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012, which was passed early last summer, phases out flood insurance subsidies from the nationally run flood insurance program, increases insurance premiums on properties between 10 percent and 25 percent per year until reaching their actuarial cost, raises the annual cap on premium rates, requires minimum deductibles for flood insurance and requires more stringent requirements for obtaining flood insurance.”

This legislation coupled with normal rate increases, new elevation standards and new advisory flood maps from FEMA, and new building standards from the state could lead to some Sea Isle property owners’ rates increasing by up to four to eight times current levels over time. Mayor Desiderio and local legislators are working hard on our behalf to stem the increases. But, ultimately Congress needs to act. We therefore hope that all those impacted in Sea Isle will take the time to write Congressman LoBiondo and our U.S. Senators to make your opinions known. There is still time, but you should act soon to make your voice heard. We have included several links that give you more details on what is unfolding, including current and advisory flood maps, as well as sample letters that you can use to assist you in your letter-writing.

Detailed analysis The above conclusions were summarized from our three page analysis -- details here.

Congressional contact info Handy site for looking up contact info for members of Congress [Address info for our three NJ Congressmen is already included in the sample letters below.]

Sample letters
The Honorable Representative Frank LoBiondo MS Word format Adobe PDF format (for copying and pasting)
The Honorable Senator Frank Lautenberg MS Word format Adobe PDF format (for copying and pasting)
The Honorable Senator Robert Menendez MS Word format Adobe PDF format (for copying and pasting)
Generic letter for non-NJ Congressperson MS Word format Adobe PDF format (for copying and pasting)

2013 FEMA flood insurance rates 2013 FEMA flood insurance rates

Advisory Base Flood Elevation Maps Neat little FEMA tool to easily check your Base Flood Elevation!  FEMA Region II BFE Address Lookup Tool

ABFE Map  [The map is a little tricky to use -- the key is to use the zoom control in the upper left and click one notch at time (zoom-in is up) until the flood elevation overlay appears.]

For your convenience, we have taken some snapshots in case you don't feel like exploring the map above.  You can contrast them with the current maps (they don't match up exactly).
ABFE Current
North Side North border to 24th St.
29th to 53rd Sts. 24th to 37th St.
54th to 65th Sts. 38th to 56th St.
66th to 78th Sts. 56th to 76th Sts.
79th to 92nd Sts. 77th to 93rd Sts.
Extreme South Side  

FEMA (and related) links FEMA: Hurricane Sandy Advisory Base Flood Elevations (ABFEs)

State of NJ: FLOOD ELEVATION FAQs: New Jersey’s Emergency Flood Elevation Rule

FEMA: FAQs for rebuilding

NJ Dept. of Community Affairs Sandy FAQ

Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012

FEMA: Increased Cost of Compliance Coverage

U.S. Government Disaster Assistance site

For policy wonks only: 2008 GAO report: "Flood Insurance: FEMA's Rate-Setting Process Warrants Attention"

Newspaper (etc.) articles

3/4/14 (Insurance Journal) House Passes Flood Insurance Bill; Key Senators Sign On

8/9/13 (The Atlantic) One Town's Amazing Plan to Lift Its Entire Downtown Above Sea-Level Rise

7/30/13 (OC Patch) FEMA Posts Dates for Some Flood Insurance Increases

7/2/13 ( Opinion: N.J. FEMA flood map revisions could provide false sense of security

3/2/13 (Herald) Sea Isle City Recognized by FEMA as Class 6 Community

2/28/13 (Gov. Christie) Governor Christie Announces 30-Day Extension for Sandy Disaster Assistance Registration

2/26/13 (OC Patch) State Budget: Feds on Hook for Sandy Recovery

2/20/13 (Press) Velocity zones raise concerns in downtowns

2/20/13 (Press) State Sen. Van Drew wants relief from flood insurance reform passed in 2012

2/20/13 (Press) Christie highlights federal funds available for raising homes, businesses damaged by Sandy

2/13/13 (Press) Guest editorial / The Washington Post / New flood policies make sense for nation

2/5/13 ( What Sandy victims need to know about new height rules for their homes

1/27/13 (OC Patch) Guide to Making the Call on Elevating Your Ocean City Property

1/26/13 (OC Patch) Post-Sandy Q&A Session: Live Discussion Board

12/14/12 (OC Patch) FEMA Flood Maps to Include Elevation Increase of One to Five Feet on Average