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SICTA Research: 2009/2010 (and, looks like 2011, too) water & sewer rate study!

12/4/10 SICTA Press Release: MUA Charges - Sea Isle Losing the Race? 
[Above is for those of you who have been keeping up w/ w&s issues; if you need to get up-to-speed, please see below first.]

Start here: 9/12/09 General Mtg W&S slideshow.  [Don't want to read "the book" on W&S?  This is the document for you!  Light on charts, heavy on research and analysis.]

Like details?  Here are the supporting documents:
1. SICTA's original 2/27/09 water & sewer study  (analysis, charts and graphs)
2.  SIC Water Department presentation to Council on 7/21/09
3.  Former Council President Divney's presentation to Council on 8/25/09   SICTA will discuss an alternative approach at our 9/12/09 General Public Mtg (see mtg announcement above).
SICTA's 10/11/09 proposals for water and sewer rate reduction

5.  Large Users Not Paying Fair Share of MUA Treatment Costs
6.  Fiscal year 2010 update: Large Users *Still* Not Paying Fair Share of MUA Treatment Costs (presented to Council on 12/8)

Other related items of interest:
6.  Read SICTA President Tom Henry's thoughts on the 3/17/09 Council mtg.
7.  3/20/09 (Herald) Sea Isle Water, Sewer Rates Jump 15 Percent
8.  SICTA Board e-mail to City Government on 8/10/09 -- the Finance Department has done a great job of ensuring that all properties are billed (not an easy task due to all of the new construction).
9. Supporting info spreadsheet (summer 2008 water and sewer billing)

10. SIC's government wouldn't consider our suggestions -- but Cape May has implemented w&s reform
consistent with our recommendations!
11.  5/28/10 w&s update (includes list of top 31 w&s users!)
12. SICTA Press Release: 8/16/10 (Herald) Taxpayers Call for Change in City Water Bills
The City's Oct. 2010 w&s bill insert.  We don't see it this way at all.  Read everything above and see what you think!
14. 10/26/10 SICTA presentation to Council

15. [added 1/26]  1/21/11 (Herald) More Sewage=More Tourists? Ocean City Tops Summer Flow
16. [added 1/26]  1/18/11 (Press) Despite findings of recent study, area may be flush with fresh water