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(Where have we been … where are we going?)
Sea Isle City Charts (as of 10/28/10)  [Added Summer 2010 charts and analysis. ]
2009 SICTA/Sea Isle Revitalization survey results
2008 SICTA survey results
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What is “Charting Our Course”?

Over the years, how often have you heard “How’s business this summer”? How often have you listened to discussions or arguments that are based solely on someone’s opinion? How many decisions have taken place that just did not seem to be grounded in the facts?

We would like to help improve everyone’s perspective and raise the quality of discussions by providing a central repository of Sea Isle City statistics. “Charting Our Course” is an initiative to gather in one place all the important historical numbers that can measure where Sea Isle has been and perhaps where it may be heading.

Sailors know that a successful voyage requires frequent measurements of a variety of factors like winds and currents and depths. These measurements often lead to course corrections to ensure the sailor reaches his destination. We believe this holds true for Sea Isle City, too. Numbers can give us insight and help steer our actions as a city.

What numbers are going to be tracked?

We are expecting to start small; adding additional items over time as manpower permits. Where it makes sense, we will provide quarterly updates with monthly detail. Our initial list of statistics includes such items as:

--Parking Meter Revenues

--Beach Tags Sales

--Rental Permits Sales

--Water & Sewer Flow Volumes

--Water & Sewer Billing Cycle Revenues

--County Library Taxes

--Survey Results

--Coming soon: Solid Waste Volumes

In the future, we hope to have additional items dealing with Sea Isle City finance, noise, crime, tourism and business, just to name a few. If you have some ideas of measures which could help chart the course for our city, please pass them along to us and we will see if the data is available.