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Help save Sea Isle City beaches!

If you enjoy our beaches like we do, then it's time to support City Government efforts to get more sand!  We need you to write to your Legislators now, so we have made it easy for you to do so.  Please read on about how you can help save our beaches!

Federal Project - While waiting for the complete Federal beach replenishment project, we need the Feds to work with us to ensure we receive timely permits and that the funds for the establishment of the necessary Federal/New Jersey project agreements are included in the next Federal budget.  This is not significant funding (approximately $250,000), but it needs to be included to keep our federal project on track, and not be delayed yet another year.  We need to write to our Federal Legislators, and ask for their help on these issues.

New Jersey Project - While continuing to press for Federal beach replenishment, our City government is also working to pursue a State/City sponsored emergency project.  This would use the standard 75/25 cost sharing arrangement, with the state portion roughly $2-2.5 million.  It is our understanding that Upper Township, and possibly Ocean City, are working with the State to perform similar beach replenishment for the fall/winter season.  Clearly, to pursue such a project without Sea Isle would not be the best use of shore protection funds.   We need to write to our State Legislators and request their help on this.

Representatives of the Army Corps and the NJ Department of Environmental Protection have witnessed the condition of SIC beaches, and can attest to the emergency nature of our situation.  Our City Government is planning to spend $75,000 to accomplish the necessary surveying, engineering, and permitting over the next several months in preparation for this State project.

How you can easily help! – Below, you will find sample letters with addresses, so you can easily send messages to our Federal and State Representatives about the two efforts.  We have also included email addresses (the ones we could find) if you prefer to use that approach.  It really is best if you personalize the letter if you can make the time.

This is an issue that touches all of us.  Proactive beach replenishment efforts have demonstrably decreased recovery costs from severe storms, while also enhancing our main tourist attraction. Our beaches are our most precious asset, and we are falling behind neighboring towns in our beach replenishment efforts.  Let our representatives know that this is important to you, and that we must do everything we can to restore and protect our beaches.    Please take a few minutes to write!

Sample letters:

State Legislators Van Drew, Albano, Milan     Word .DOC     Adobe .PDF
(Senator Van Drew's e-mail address:

Congressman Lobiondo     Word .DOC     Adobe .PDF
(Congressman Lobiondo's e-mail address:

Senator Lautenberg     Word .DOC     Adobe .PDF

Senator Menendez     Word .DOC     Adobe .PDF