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Board of Education News Archive

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8/9/10 (Press) New Jersey teachers hope federal funds restore raises
5/2/10 (Press) Our Citizens Editorial Board gives their thoughts on school budgets
4/30/10 (Press) Wildwood Crest officials tackle defeated school budget
4/29/10 (Press) Upper Township to start school budget review, planning to make cuts
4/27/10 (Press) School board members / Lesson in Vineland
4/22/10 (Press) Tuesday's school vote / A loud message
2010/11 SIC Public School budget!  Here is the Finance Committee's 3/30/10 presentation to the Board.
4/21/10 (Press) School board and budget results in Cape May County
4/18/10 (Press) School elections, budgets / Issues can get blurred
4/14/10 (Press) Stone Harbor school board candidates divided on merging with Avalon
4/11/10 (Press) Time to consider countywide districts
3/30/10 (Herald) County Schools Have High Per Pupil Costs
2010/11 SIC Public School budget!  Here is the Finance Committee's 3/30/10 presentation to the Board.
3/18/10 (OC Sentinel) Sea Isle board member: Cut preschool next year to prevent tax hike
3/18/10 (OC Sentinel) Sea Isle City board member out-voted on seeking state's advice on closing school
1/19/10 (Press) Area school districts split on U.S. funding proposal
1/13/10 (Captain Stone's Log S.H.) A_Stay_for_Stone_Harbor’s_School
11/26/09 (OC Sentinel) Sea Isle City, Ocean City students already have to make up school days
11/19/09 (OC Sentinel) Surprise motion arises on closing Sea Isle City school
11/19/09 (OC Sentinel) School board debates making Sea Isle City pay to school
11/5/09 (Captain's Log S.H.) Feasibility Study for the Avalon & Stone Harbor Boards of Education on the educational options for consolidation
10/22/09 (OC Sentinel) Sea Isle school board ponders plan when roads too flooded to get students to school
10/22/09 (Press) Fewer fights, more drug use reported in New Jersey schools
10/15/09 (OC Sentinel) Former Sea Isle school employee is indicted on multiple charges
10/8/09 (OC Sentinel) Sea Isle City looks at options, problems with school building
10/8/09 (Press) Island residents divided on merger of two schools
9/24/09 (OC Sentinel) Sale, lease-back of Sea Isle City school is being considered
9/14/09 (Press) Small school, big controversy in Sea Isle
8/09 (Philadelphia Magazine)  Money: Getting Schooled
7/23/09 (Ocean City Sentinel) Lack of notice delays decision on new Sea Isle City Board of Education member
7/23/09 (Ocean City Sentinel) Sea Isle school board not quite ready to let museum ring its historic bell
7/17/09 (Press) The value of preschool / One study, two lessons
7/8/09 (Press) School districts without schools / A very small step
6/19/09 (Press) Sea Isle sends off eight in city's last graduation
5/26/09 SICTA Q&A w/ two SIC School Board Members
4/16/09 (Ocean City Sentinel) Six candidates vying for three seats on Sea Isle City Board of Education
4/14/09 (Herald) New Roof, No Tax Hike for Sea Isle School
4/14/09 (Herald) Trio of Sea Isle City Candidates Seeks to ‘Continue the Progress’
See this slideshow presented by the Shared Services and Consolidation Committee at the 1/14/09 special mtg.
3/31/09 SIC Public School 2009/2010 budget presentation
3/20/09 (Press) Sea Isle to send half its students to Ocean City
3/20/09 (Press) From Wall Street to N.J. schools / Smart program
3/6/09 (Press) 2009 Cape May County school board candidates
3/5/09 (Ocean City Sentinel) Sea Isle City school roof project may have to go to voters
3/4/09 (Press) Sea Isle school board fears voters won't fix roof
2/27/09 (Press) Ocean City to consider taking Sea Isle students
2/19/09 (Ocean City Sentinel) State to contribute to fix Sea Isle City school's roof
2/18/09 (Press) For Sea Isle school roof, the fix may not be in
1/27/09 (Press) Mainland, Linwood superintendent / Win-win all around
1/25/09 (Press) State should delay preschool expansion
1/24/09 (Press) Ocean City waiting on request from Sea Isle school board
1/23/09 (Press) No final bell for Wildwood High
1/22/09 (Press) Wildwood superintendent says high school will "never" close
1/15/09 (Press) Plan would send some Sea Isle students off island
1/6/09 (Press) Mayor's letter questions Wildwood High School's viability
1/5/09 (Press) Mayor asks: What if Wildwood High School closed?
12/31/08 (Herald) Eye ‘Exit Strategy’ To Close [Wildwood High] School, Reduce City Taxes
12/17/08 (Press) Ads on school buses / Lesson in finance
12/16/08 (Press) School elections / Move to November
12/7/08 (Press) Affording college / A national crisis
11/25/08 (Press) Ocean City school board, unions agree to 3-year deal
10/23/08 (Ocean City Sentinel)  Sea Isle school board, parents argue over program and teacher cuts
10/23/08 (Press) Sea Isle City school to cut back hours for some teachers
10/13/08 (Herald) Avalon, Stone Harbor Schools Pursue More Shared Services
10/10/08 (Press) 2 schools turn to Bergen County for loans
9/22/08 (Press) Educators to talk consolidation as enrollment changes region
9/17/08 (Press) New high-school requirements / The promise of equal opportunity
9/3/08 (Herald) Two Ways to Determine County Education Costs Have Different Results
9/2/08 (Press) Corzine's delayed bill signing / Sympathies misplaced
8/29/08 (Herald) Cape May Elementary, Sea Isle School Weigh Sharing Business Exec
8/29/08 (Asbury Park Press) New N.J. teachers still get generous old benefits
8/25/08 (Herald) Most County Teachers ‘Highly Qualified’
8/19/08 (Press) School superintendents' perks / Shameless lawsuit
8/14/08 (Press) Want to know what school administrators earn? It's online
7/22/08 (Press) N.J. high court upholds Kennedy's removal from school board
7/17/08 (Press) Sea Isle board votes not to accept tuition students
7/17/08 (Press) New administrator establishes group to keep public informed
6/30/08 (Press) Merging schools / Law makes it hard
6/27/08 (Herald) Police Called to Sea Isle School Board Meeting
6/25/08 (Press) Tensions flare over fate of Sea Isle's only school
6/8/08 (Press) School elections / Hold in November
5/5/08 (Press) New school spending rules / Needed oversight
4/23/08 (Press) SIC school board meeting underscores division over closing school

4/17/08 (Herald) Middle Township, Woodbine Sea Isle City and West Wildwood Voters Nix School Budgets

4/16/08 (Press) Local towns report unofficial school election results
March '08 (Sea Isle Times) Educated decision
3/20/08 (Press) Education costlier at the shore, data show
3/18/08 (Herald) Van Drew, Education Chief Davy Discuss School Formula
3/14/08 (Press) School-funding formula faulted at meetings with education chief
2/28/08 (Press) Sea Isle City school board race raises issue of closing school
2/26/08 (Press) Maurice River school named as one to watch
2/19/08 (Press) Running for school board / Members needed
[2/15/08 note: Sadly, the Press has changed their headline storage scheme, meaning that the older links below no longer work.  To retrieve the article, click on the article link and then enter part of the headline into the Press' search box.]
2/16/08 (Press) School funding to shift in Cape May County
1/15/08 (Herald) Crowley Takes Oath, Joins Tech's Board of Education
1/13/08 (Press) Asselta and the BPU / A lame duck, a feathered nest
1/9/08 (Herald) To the Loser Asselta Go the Spoils
1/7/08 (Press) School-aid plan could hike local tax burden
12/23/07 (Phila. Inquirer) Schools size up how aid may help
12/19/07 (Herald) Washington, Cornell Start Four More Years on Tech Board
12/18/07 (Herald) Will County Schools Lose State Funds Under New Formula?
12/17/07 (Press) School districts grapple with 'adequate' budgets
12/12/07 (Herald) Governor Announces New School Funding Formula
12/7/07 (Press) Parents say St. Augustine is self-sufficient, no need to close
12/6/07 (OC Sentinel) SI Parents: Don't even study it  [school closing]
11/21/07 (Herald) Matthies Named Tech’s Super
10/23/07 (Press) Corzine nominates first executive school superintendents
10/23/07 (Herald) Tech School Opens $14.7M Addition
10/22/07 (Herald) Corzine to Nominate 10 Executive County Superintendents
10/20/07 (OC Sentinel) SIC school district appoints new "superintendent of record"
10/19/07 (Press) Sea Isle school finds substitute superintendent
9/27/07 (OC Sentinel) Multiple choice for top admin in SI begs question: who's in charge?

9/15/07 (Press) State high court to hear Sea Isle school-board case

9/12/07 (Herald) County Teachers Meet ‘Highly Qualified’ Federal Standard
9/6/07 (OC Sentinel) EIRC's Ivory: SIC students are at a disadvantage
9/6/07 (Press) Teacher salaries / Do the math
8/3/07 (Press) State education chief tries to calm tax fears
7/31/07 (Herald) New Spot for Sea Isle Tots?
7/26/07 (OC Sentinel) SIC picks late-applying Board member
7/26/07 (OC Sentinel) SIC PTA advertises for non-existent program
Board of Education 7/17/07 mtg agenda and handouts

7/4/07 (Press) Cape May Point fears skyrocketing school tax

6/28/07 (Sentinel) SIC changes mind on sending students ... again
6/28/07 (Sentinel) Editorial re: BOE discussions re: sending some students to OC
Board of Education 6/26/07 mtg agenda and handouts
6/21/07 (Sentinel) SIC Board changes course; votes to talk to OC re: grades 5-8
Board of Education 6/19/07 mtg agenda and handouts
6/6/07 (Herald) SIC Board of Education board member search
5/30/07 (Herald) Is $33,000 Per Student too Much? Sea Isle’s Board of Education Doesn’t Think So
Board of Education 5/29/07 mtg agenda and handouts
5/24/07 (OC Sentinel) BOE votes to keep schools open
5/24/07 (OC Sentinel) Board members explain their vote
5/23/07 (Press) Sea Isle board votes to keep school
Read SICTA's response to the EIRC study listed below!
The Educational Research and Information Center (EIRC) was retained by the City of SIC to explore all feasible solutions for educating the children of SIC.  Read their March feasibility study and appendices
Board of Education 5/22/07 mtg agenda and handouts
5/22/07 (Press) Academic question: Should Sea Isle have a school?
5/18/07 (Press) Court upholds removal of Sea Isle school board member
5/3/07 (OC Sentinel) Positives outweigh negatives in closing SIC district
4/26/07 (OC Sentinel) Consultant paid by firm hired to run SIC District: keep school open
4/26/07 (OC Sentinel) Forum on SIC school: part II
Board of Education 4/24/07 mtg agenda and handouts
4/19/07 (Press) Local voters approve most school budgets
4/18/07 (Press) Cape May County School Election Results
4/18/07 (Press) Sea Isle discusses school's fate at forum

4/12/07 (Press) Sea Isle City to get input on future of its school

4/9/07 (Press) SIC mtgs to discuss school's future

4/4/07 (Herald) Should school close or forge ahead?

4/4/07 (Herald) Enrollment Up At Tech; Down At Special Svc.

4/1/07 (Press) Countywide School District - An idea whose time is now
4/1/07 (Press) Cut county school budgets from 19 to 1 and save at least $1 million per year ; Close Avalon, Sea Isle, Stone Harbor, West Cape May districts - save $9M.
4/1/07 (Press) Chart that estimates county-wide school district savings
4/1/07 (Press) Most taxpayers win; burden shifts to beach towns
4/1/07 (Press) Consolidation makes the choice yours

3/28/07 (Herald) SIC school budget down for fewer pupils

SICTA presentation at the 3/27/07 BOE mtg
Board of Education 3/27/07 mtg agenda
3/23/07 (NY Times) Wide Range of Spending in N.J. Schools, Data Show - New York Times  [Free registration required]
3/23/07 (Press) Ocean City teachers highest paid in state according to latest N.J. report

3/21/07 (Herald) Pupils Seek Tech; Budget Jumps 10%

Board of Education 3/15/07 mtg agenda and handouts
Board of Education 2/27/07 mtg agenda and handouts
NJ DOE Report Card for SIC Elementary for the 2005-2006 school year
Board of Education 2/20/07 mtg agenda and handouts

2/15/07 (OC Sentinel) SIC school shrinks

Board of Education 1/30/07 mtg agenda and handouts [the last three pages list projected 2007 student counts, program/instructional staffing and facilities usage]
Board of Education 1/23/07 mtg agenda (includes 2007/8 staffing proposal)