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Last modified: 02/05/2019 08:01:43 PM

Lawsuits filed against the City of SIC

Some taxpayers are alarmed at the number and cost of lawsuits filed against the City and its employees. As far as we know, the City’s insurance carrier, JIF, has covered all of the settlement amounts, so far… but taxpayers are paying all of the legal fees related to these cases as well as the legal insurance premiums which could rise due to the large payouts.

Are there ways to reduce (through better policies, training, etc.) the number and cost of lawsuits filed against our City and its employees? Hopefully yes.

Legal issues will be a major focus of our research efforts in 2011 (look for our press releases, below). This page will detail our findings, as well as provide copies of the lawsuits that we have obtained via OPRA (NJ's Open Public Records Act).

SICTA Press Releases related to SIC legal issues
Racial prejudice (!) (settled for $550,000)   -- Joyce et al v. City of SIC and SIC Board of Ed et al: 1:Main complaint     2:SIC answer     3:Amended complaint     4:Amended answer     5:SIC answer to amended complaint     6:Settlement and release
Sexual harassment (!) (settled for $205,000) -- Muller v. City of SIC: 1:Main complaint     2:SIC answer     [added 8/9] 3: Settlement
Excessive use of force by police (settled for $500,000)  -- McLoughlin et al v. City of SIC et al: 1:Main complaint     2:SIC answer
Improper police procedure -- Miltenberg v. City of SIC et al: 1:Main complaint     2:Officer's response     3:SIC response
Bidding practices (judgement against City)  -- Blakeslee Towing complaint: 1:Main complaint     2:Exhibit C     3:Exhibit D     4:Final judgment     5:SIC insurance carrier response     6:SIC response
Excessive drinking resulting in death -- Estate of Hottenstein v. City of SIC et al: 1:Main complaint
Zoning practices -- McGinley et al v. City of SIC et al: 1:Main complaint     2:SIC insurance carrier response     3:SIC response