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SICTA has dissolved.
Sea Isle City Taxpayers Association, Inc. has been dissolved on October 31, 2023. It had a long run from its formal inception in 1993 as the Non-Resident Taxpayers' Association. Its name was changed in 1998 to the Sea Isle City Taxpayers' Association to reflect the composition of its members.

The pandemic brought to the forefront a glaring problem that has faced the organization for a few years. The current administration had been in place for a long time and was unable to accomplish any meaningful tasks due to the lack of assistance. SICTA has always operated with a great deal of volunteer time and effort. This has enabled it to provide a great deal of information to the residents and other taxpayers of Sea Isle City. This could not be accomplished without a broad base of volunteers who participated in its efforts. After curtailing its meetings, dues collection and newsletter due to the pandemic, it found itself without sufficient resources to continue to provide the service imagined when first organized.

The City of Sea Isle has improved communications and there have been no "hot topics" that raised the ire of taxpayers which is no doubt the reason involvement had diminished. This is a good thing. It indicates an organization such as SICTA is no longer a necessity.

SICTA has been instrumental in many of the improvements that have been implemented in Sea Isle over the years - an elected school board, implementation of a city manager form of government and many more. It provided information to taxpayers when none was provided by the city. It is better to go out on this note than slowly continue to diminish due to inactivity and this was the choice made by the current management.

SICTA had amassed over $40,000 and followed the dictates of its documents and legal requirements in its disposition. In addition to expenses associated with its dissolution, 16 organizations that the management determined benefitted the city and its residents' received contributions of $2,500.

There were many volunteers that participated in its operations and successes over the years and the current taxpayers in Sea Isle City benefit from this and owe them a thank you. Although it is sad to see the organization disappear it is doing so for the right reasons - it has served its purpose

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