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Last modified: 04/17/2015 12:01:57 PM

As a community service, SICTA is providing the following material for informational purposes only – it does not necessarily
represent any of SICTA’s positions.  These are separate and distinct organizations, with their own goals, views and membership.  

You can contact them directly c/o Louise Clemente, 609-263-3002. 

You can also follow the TI Civic Center on Facebook.

Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with your very own St. Patrick Sea Isle Lifeguard Boat! You can never have enough good luck and this New Sea Isle Irish Collection Sea Isle Lifeguard Boat has plenty. Made in Sea Isle and available for a $40.00 donation. Please let your friends and family know about the New Sea Isle Irish Collection. Available with a red or white beard.  See the next item for "Here are the details"  -- just make the needed St. Patrick's Day changes to the order form.  Picture of the St. Patrick boat.
Sea Isle Lifeguard Boat fundraiser!  As you may know, the City now levies taxes on the TI Civic Center.  Please consider helping to pay the taxes by purchasing a beautiful handmade Lifeguard Boat or gift basket.  Here are the details.
3/18/14 (Herald) Sea Isle Lifeguard Boat Helps Save Center
TI Civic Center pavers fundraiser!  A limited number of inscribed pavers are available for purchase.  Please consider helping to support the Center by purchasing a paver.  Paver order form.
South End Neighborhood Association 2014 membership drive!  Lots of benefits, including a discount book and helping to support the TI Civic Center and other TI improvement initiatives.  Brochure      Membership form
TI Civic Center 2014 Events calendar!  Click on the thumbnail below for a bigger version. [Or here for a .PDF version]

TI Civic Center 2014 events calendar  
[added 4/4]  TI Civic Center $8,000 tax bill update.  Update letter.
TI Garden Club award nomination form!  2014 form coming soon. 
TI Garden Club!  Details.  [New version coming soon; ignore 2008 references.]
TI Book Club!  Meets the 2nd Monday of each month from September through June.  Call 609-263-3002 for details.
TI Civic Center's 125th birthday!  Celebrated Saturday, September 21, 2013.  See this Herald article for details.  Thank you very much to the TI Improvement Association for dedicating a paver to SICTA Members!