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Last modified: 08/14/2014 09:57:32 AM

As a community service, SICTA is providing the following material for informational purposes only – it does not necessarily
represent any of SICTA’s positions.  These are separate and distinct organizations, with their own goals, views and membership.  

You can contact them directly c/o Louise Clemente, 609-263-3002.

[added 3/17]  Sea Isle Lifeguard Boat fundraiser!  As you may know, the City now levies taxes on the TI Civic Center.  Please consider helping to pay the taxes by purchasing a beautiful handmade Lifeguard Boat or gift basket.  Here are the details.
3/18/14 (Herald) Sea Isle Lifeguard Boat Helps Save Center
[added 3/17]  TI Civic Center pavers fundraiser!  A limited number of inscribed pavers are available for purchase.  Please consider helping to support the Center by purchasing a paver.  Paver order form.
[added 4/4]  South End Neighborhood Association 2014 membership drive!  Lots of benefits, including a discount book and helping to support the TI Civic Center and other TI improvement initiatives.  Brochure      Membership form
[added 4/4]  TI Civic Center 2014 Events calendar!  Click on the thumbnail below for a bigger version. [Or here for a .PDF version]

TI Civic Center 2014 events calendar  
[added 4/4]  TI Civic Center $8,000 tax bill update.  Update letter.
TI Garden Club award nomination form!  2014 form coming soon. 
TI Garden Club!  Details.  [New version coming soon; ignore 2008 references.]
TI Book Club!  Meets the 2nd Monday of each month from September through June.  Call 609-263-3002 for details.
TI Civic Center's 125th birthday!  Celebrated Saturday, September 21, 2013.  See this Herald article for details.  Thank you very much to the TI Improvement Association for dedicating a paver to SICTA Members!